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Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:32 pm

Check the validity of one or a list of email addresses to find out if they exist and are valid

If we have to send an email and it comes back due to an error, it may be that the email address is wrong. Before sending an email to an address that we had never used before, it might be useful to check that the email is valid and accurate, even more so if we have to send a message to several different emails.

Email verification
Email verification

Fortunately, in all these cases there are online tools that can be used effectively to check if an email address exists and is valid, ie that it is really reachable.

In this guide, we will show you how to find out the authenticity of an email address starting from a simple e-mail address, using one of the numerous online services that, always respecting privacy, allow you to know in advance if the email is valid.

How to find out if an email address exists and is valid

To do this type of check we will have to retrieve the email address and enter it in one of the sites seen below, so that we can immediately get an answer on the authenticity of the address and be sure to be able to send the message immediately, without running the risk of it coming back.

The first site that we recommend you use is My-IP. Email Verification, offered by one of the most famous sites for verifying the IP address of the connection.

Using this site is really very simple: enter the email address in the Email to check field, press the Verify button, and check what information you can retrieve on it. If the email exists, the message will appear The email exists and is functional, otherwise we will see the message The email does not exist.

Also in this case we can check if the email really exists by entering the address in the Write email address to verify field, clicking on the CAPTCHA control below, passing any secondary checks, and finally pressing Verify Email. After pressing the button we will immediately receive a clear answer such as The email address exists! and, scrolling down the page, we will also get the response of the mail server used for the test, so as to be sure that the email really exists and is being used.

If we often use a lot of unknown emails, we can rely on the service offered by the site

As already seen for the previous sites, all we have to do is enter the address in the appropriate field and wait for the result of the check (very accurate), complete with information on the answers obtained from the server, on the type of authentication and on the protocol used for the exchange of emails.

If we have a lot of emails to check we can get help from the EmailListVerify service, really a precious ally for advertising companies or for those who manage a newsletter or mailing list.

After creating a free account, it will allow you to upload the list of emails in various formats (CSV, XLS, TXT), so you can immediately check a large number of emails and find out which ones are up and running and which are not. The free version offers up to 100 email checks; if we have larger lists we will have to subscribe to one of the proposed subscriptions.

Another good site for checking valid and existing Email addresses is

We now know the procedure very well: enter the email address to be checked in the Enter an email to be verified field, press the button Check to receive the result of the check immediately. This service also offers the possibility of checking a maximum number of emails (per newsletter), paying a sum based on the number of emails to be checked (starting from € 7 per thousand emails, but just post the cursor on the prices page to get the tariff).

As already seen on other similar sites we will be able to check the emails by entering the address in the appropriate text field, passing the CAPTCHA test and finally pressing the Verify Email Now button, so as to quickly find out if the email is really active and has been used recently. Although the site is in English it is very simple to use, there shouldn’t be any particular problems.

Another foreign site similar to the previous one and useful for finding out if the email address exists is

Once opened, enter the email address to be checked in the central text field, click on Verify Email and discover all the data on the address entered, in particular, if it is really active and if it has been used recently. This service also offers a massive email control platform at very competitive prices.


All the services we have reported above are really great for doing a quick check on a single email address but, as we have seen, most of them also offer a massive email control system, really very useful if we manage the marketing of a company or we provide a newsletter for our site or blog, so that we can immediately remove fake emails, duplicate emails, non-existent emails or those that have been deactivated for inactivity.

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