Chrome (Chrome 81) users are in danger. Google asks everyone to upgrade


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:08 pm

Chrome 81 has a critical vulnerability

Google spent quite a bit of time finalizing the final version of the Chrome 81 browser, but it was not possible to find and fix all the errors. A few days after the start of the distribution of Chrome 81, the search giant confirmed that a critical zero-day vulnerability had been detected in the browser code.

Chrome 81
Chrome 81

Chrome users are in danger. Google asks everyone to upgrade

Google has already begun distributing the update under version number 81.0.4044.113, which addresses this vulnerability. However, Google strongly recommends that all users install the update in order to avoid potential problems with the leak of their own data. Details about this critical vulnerability are not reported, but the description of the update says that we are talking about voice recognition.

Chrome 81, originally scheduled for release on March 17, was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus. The new version has two main points: improved support for WebXR (augmented reality technology) and initial support for the Web NFC standard.

Other important innovations were also planned, but they were postponed until the next version of the browser.

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