Cinema Fund against the legalization of pirated distribution of foreign films


Previously, there was an appeal from the Federation Council

The Cinema Fund opposes any mechanisms for legalizing pirated screenings of foreign films in domestic cinemas, as reported by Izvestia, which cites the organization’s official response to the senators’ proposal to work out a way to legalize foreign films without the consent of the copyright holder.

The implementation of any mechanisms for legalizing the display of audiovisual content without the consent of the copyright holders creates additional legal and reputational risks, at the moment it seems inappropriate, and also carries the risk of providing access to the territory of the Russian Federation for content that is contrary to the foundations of state policy for the preservation and strengthening of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values.

Head of the Film Fund Fyodor Sosnov

Cinema Fund against the legalization of pirated distribution of foreign films

Cinema Fund
Cinema Fund

Earlier, the Federation Council approached the Cinema Fund with a proposal to create a temporary mechanism for the official import and distribution of Western films, as well as for issuing distribution certificates to them. Senator Aleksey Sinitsyn proposed to send money from rentals to foreign copyright holders to special accounts.

It was also proposed to import copies of Western films from Belarus.

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