Co-op slasher Godfall gets an age rating on PlayStation 4


Co-op slasher Godfall gets an age rating on PlayStation 4

The portal Twisted Voxel drew attention to the rating organization Pan European Game Information (PEGI), mentioning the version of the co-op slasher Godfall for the PlayStation 4.


Recall that since the announcement in December 2019, Godfall was considered an exclusive PC (Epic Games Store) and PlayStation 5. The developers did not stutter about the release on the last generation consoles either then or now.

As with the PC and PS5, the PS4 version of Godfall received a  16+  rating from PEGI for portraying violence and related elements against “humanoid characters

It should be noted that the appearance of the game on the PEGI website does not yet guarantee its subsequent release. This, for example, happened with the defunct Switch edition of the Director’s Cut add-on to the shooter Borderlands 3.

Simultaneously, the project’s passing of the rating commission, as it was with Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster for PC, may indicate the publishers’ plans.

It was previously reported that Godfall would be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive within six months of its release. The set date (May 12) is approaching – perhaps the PS4 version of the rating is due to this.

Godfall debuted in November 2020 on PC (Epic Games Store) and PlayStation 5. In Q2 2021, Counterplay Games’ creation will see a paid expansion. The addon will be included in the Expanded and Ascended editions of the base game.

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