Costa Rica Marriott Hotels Champion Sustainability: Slashing Food Waste by 25% with Leanpath


In the fight against food waste, two Costa Rica Marriott hotels – the Costa Rica Marriott Hacienda Belen and Los Suenos Marriott Resort – stand as shining examples. By partnering with Leanpath, a leading food waste prevention platform, these hotels have achieved a remarkable 25% reduction in food waste value within just months. This incredible accomplishment not only benefits the environment but also boosts their bottom line, aligning perfectly with Marriott International’s ambitious sustainability goals.

Two Marriott Costa Rica Hotels Cut Food Waste by 25% in Just Months Using Leanpath

A Winning Collaboration: Leanpath Empowers Sustainable Success

The secret sauce behind their success lies in Leanpath’s innovative technology. Their smart food waste tracking devices provide invaluable insights into food waste patterns within high-volume kitchens. By pinpointing specific areas and reasons for waste, Leanpath empowers kitchen teams to take targeted action.

Jose Venegas, Food and Beverage Cost Supervisor for the two hotels, emphasizes the platform’s effectiveness: “Leanpath data is priceless. It helps us understand where to focus our efforts and keeps the team focused on waste control as part of our kitchen culture.”

Leanpath’s analytics platform goes beyond mere data collection. It translates insights into actionable steps through automated goal setting, breaking down the complex issue of food waste into manageable tasks. This systematic approach, combined with user-friendly tracking tools, empowers kitchens to achieve significant and sustained reductions in food waste.

Environmental and Financial Benefits: A Double Win

The impact of the Costa Rica Marriott hotels’ initiative extends far beyond their kitchens. Food waste reduction represents a major victory for the environment. According to the United Nations, a staggering one-third of global food production goes to waste every year, with the foodservice industry contributing a quarter of that figure. This colossal waste translates to an estimated $1 trillion in financial losses and significant greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to the third-largest polluting country.

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By reducing their food waste by 25%, the Costa Rica Marriott hotels are helping to conserve precious resources, mitigate climate change, and promote a more sustainable future.

Recognition and Inspiration: Leading the Way in Food Waste Reduction

The dedication and success of Venegas and his team haven’t gone unnoticed. In April 2023, Marriott International launched the Food Waste Reduction Rally, a challenge encouraging hotels to share data and best practices. The Costa Rica Marriott Hacienda Belen emerged as the champion in the Caribbean and Latin America region, solidifying their position as leaders in sustainable foodservice practices.

Their story serves as an inspiration for hotels and businesses around the world, demonstrating the power of technology and collaborative efforts in tackling the critical issue of food waste.

Beyond Costa Rica: A Replicable Solution for Global Impact

The success story of the Costa Rica Marriott hotels highlights the universal applicability of Leanpath’s technology. The platform can be effectively implemented in various foodservice settings, regardless of size or location. By empowering kitchens with actionable insights and fostering a culture of waste reduction, Leanpath can help businesses around the world:

  • Reduce their environmental footprint: Minimize their contribution to food waste and its associated greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Enhance financial efficiency: Save money by maximizing food utilization and minimizing waste disposal costs.
  • Improve brand reputation: Demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and responsible practices, attracting environmentally conscious consumers.

Food Waste Solutions Start Now: Join the Movement

Inspired by the Costa Rica Marriott hotels’ achievement? Embark on your own journey toward sustainable foodservice practices. Partner with Leanpath to gain valuable insights, set achievable goals, and make a positive impact on our planet. Together, we can combat food waste and create a more sustainable future for all.

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1. What is Leanpath and how does it work?

Leanpath is a food waste prevention platform that provides foodservice operations with tools to track, analyze, and reduce food waste. Their technology empowers kitchens to identify areas of waste, set goals, and take targeted action for significant reductions.

2. What are the environmental benefits of reducing food waste?

Food waste contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to the third-largest polluting country. By reducing food waste, businesses can minimize their environmental impact and promote sustainability.

3. How can Leanpath help businesses save money?

By reducing food waste, businesses save money on purchasing, preparing, and disposing of unused food. Leanpath’s data-driven approach helps optimize food production and minimize waste, leading to financial savings.

4. Is Leanpath easy to use?

Leanpath offers user-friendly tools and resources, making it accessible for kitchens of all sizes and experience levels. Their platform

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