Cybertruck pickup prototype spotted at Tesla construction site in Texas


Cybertruck pickup prototype spotted at Tesla construction site in Texas

Introduced back in 2019, the Cybertruck electric pickup has rarely been seen in public, and so far, it has done so in non-rugged terrain. This week, a prototype of an electric vehicle was spotted at a Texas construction site where a plant to manufacture it will be built. For the first time, the car appeared in the photo with dirty tires.

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Pickups by their original concept belong to utilitarian vehicles. Still, in the case of Cybertruck, the existing prototypes either appeared at various kinds of events in a static state or delivered the head of Tesla Elon Musk to a restaurant in Los Angeles, and such habitat was can hardly be called “natural.”New photos of the Cybertruck prototype at the construction site do not reveal any appearance changes compared to previous copies. Tesla abandoned plans to reduce the overall dimensions of the pickup last year. The company’s engineers were supposed to improve the air suspension of the pickup, but these changes cannot be judged from the photo. Elon Musk promised that an updated version of Cybertruck would be shown in the current quarter, and it will not have doorknobs. The copy in the photograph retained them, which indicates that it belongs to an earlier version. Musk himself also this week visited Austin, the administrative center of the state of Texas, where Tesla’s new enterprise is being built.

The original plan meant that the serial production of Cybertruck pickups would begin in late 2021, but the head of Tesla has already warned that he does not rule out a delay until next year. Many technical solutions that the company intends to implement in the serial production of Cybertruck present certain difficulties – mention the stainless steel body panels. And the facility in Texas is still far from being ready, so there are no conditions for producing a pickup truck yet.
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