Does jumping rope help you lose weight?


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:37 pm

It is a very complete exercise in which you will work inner and upper train, yes, you must be careful with possible impacts

If you’ve ever seen the Rocky Balboa movies in your life, you’ll probably be amazed by the mastery and dexterity with which Sylvester Stallone jumps rope. Hopefully, on occasion you have tried to imitate it, afraid of leaving your teeth in the way. Of course, Rocky was first and foremost a boxer, but putting that aside: is jumping rope really an effective exercise in weight loss?

jumping rope
jumping rope

We are rarely faced with this dilemma, because in general, when we want to lose weight, cardio exercises (something very generic) are recommended combined with strength and, obviously, a healthy diet with which you consume less than you burn in order to be able to speed up metabolism. What goes into that ambiguous word as ‘cardio’? Does the rope work?

Jumping rope for ten minutes would be equivalent to running one kilometer for the same time. You would burn approximately 130 calories

According to a report published in ‘ Harvard Health Publishing ‘, which establishes the calories you lose in 30 minutes according to your weight and the activity you do (from running to elliptical, through yoga or swimming) jumping rope for ten minutes would be equivalent to approximately to run a kilometer for the same time, therefore, it seems that it could be a truly effective exercise. Another study by What’s Cooking America assured that in ten minutes you burn approximately 130 calories.

What are the positive points of jumping rope?

  • It is a good cardiovascular exercise because you engage all the muscles in the jump.
  • Increase agility.
  • Improves coordination and endurance.
  • Get you to release stress.
  • Increases bone density.
  • It is cheap (which is also important).

In addition, it is an exercise in which the upper and lower body is worked. Of course, keep in mind that there is a negative point: it represents a strong impact on the joints, so you must be careful if you suffer any damage to the hips, knees or legs. That is why footwear is essential in these cases and you should get a pair of shoes that protect the joints.

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