“Dragon Age II David Gaider”: the game writer told what he would change in the most controversial part of the series


“Dragon Age II David Gaider”: the game writer told what he would change in the most controversial part of the series

Zack Snyder’s Justice League came out last month. In this regard, former Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider was asked on Twitter what he would change if given the opportunity in the most controversial game in the series – Dragon Age II. Be careful; there are spoilers in the text.

Dragon Age II
Dragon Age II

“DA2 was a project where my writing team worked hard, and they wrote like the wind – because they had to! Second draft? Pfft. Plot analysis? Pfft. I was so proud of what we have all achieved in such a short time. I didn’t think it was possible, ” Gaider said.

Recall that Dragon Age II came out just 16 months after Dragon Age: Origins. Even with such a short development time, a lot of the game went under the knife: “I had to write that dialogue in which Orsino turned [into a monster], even if you sided with him, because his battle with the boss was cut, and there was time to correct the plot

Orsino – the first wizard of the Circle of Mages in Kirkwall’s Vaults – turns into a giant monster at the end of the game, even if you tell him, “Hey, I don’t want to kill and imprison mages, this is [wrong]” Reaching that point and realizing that nothing could be done otherwise to change the outcome was very frustrating for the players.

Along with changing Orsino’s fate, Gaider mentioned a few other things he would like to fix. For example, in the third act of the game, I would have led more smoothly to the conflict between magicians and Templars: “Damn it, maybe [I would add] a solution in which you did not side with either the magicians or the Templars. Because in the end, it felt like you could legitimately consider them all insane, right? “

Dragon Age II had other flaws as well. Players often think of reusable rooms and locations, but that doesn’t bother Gaider: “All I wanted was for Kirkwall to feel like a big city. Much more crowded. More alive! With fewer blood magicians

But this is all hypothetical: “The most hypothetical of the hypotheses. This will never happen

Dragon Age II was released on March 8, 2011, for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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