DRAM and GDDR6 memory will increase in price


DRAM by 3-8%

It looks like we should expect an increase in the cost of RAM shortly. According to TrendForce analysts, there is already a noticeable increase in prices for DRAM memory chips. Also for NAND memory, but we already talked about this recently.

DRAM and GDDR6 memory
DRAM and GDDR6 memory

Prices for GDDR graphics memory are also expected to rise, which will lead to higher prices for video cards and gaming laptops. True, given the prices of the latter, the price increase is unlikely to be particularly noticeable.

DRAM and GDDR6 memory will increase in price

But as for video cards, the situation is very interesting. According to analysts, the niche market dynamics of rising prices for adapters arose because video card buyers agreed with the price increase. This has led to projected strong purchases of GDDR6 16GB chips, which should lead to higher prices for this particular memory model in 2024. That is prices will rise because buyers initially agreed to pay a lot for new video cards.

Returning to DRAM, DRAM prices are expected to increase by 3-8% in one quarter, and it is not a fact that the growth will stop there. At the same time, DDR5 memory for PCs was already becoming more expensive in the third quarter.

The main reason for the new projected price increase for DDR5 and DDR4 is Samsung’s recent inventory reduction initiative.

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