“Duster’s little brother” will be a completely new model – a hybrid or an electric car

He will be more Dacia Spring

Edition L’Automobile, citing its own sources, writes that Dacia is going to release a completely new crossover.

The model should place itself between the 3.73m long Dacia Spring electric hatchback, whose second generation is expected in 2024, and the new Duster, which is about 4.4m long.

It is expected that the new crossover will receive a hybrid powertrain, like the 7-seater Jogger Hybrid. However, the manufacturer can make the power plant completely electric. In any case, Dacia will focus on the market and its budget segment.


Positioned between Spring and Duster, the compact crossover Dacia will have a format that is quite comparable to the Jeep Avenger (4.08 m). But at the same time, the novelty should be much more accessible to buyers.

According to preliminary data, the “younger brother Duster” will appear on the market only in 2026.


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