Elite: Dangerous Player Takes Record Flight Without Automatic Refueling


Elite: Dangerous Player Takes Record Flight Without Automatic Refueling

The pilot of the space simulator Elite: Dangerous has made a record trip in outer space without a module that automatically replenishes the ship’s fuel from the stars. The player began his journey from one of the central systems and covered a distance of almost 85 thousand light-years.

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

The record holder under the pseudonym kabbooooom described his preparations for the route on Reddit. He was inspired by a similar attempt by user YourPhonels_Ringing, who did not make it to the Beagle Point system more than 65 thousand light-years from the Sun. Traveling to this point in Elite: Dangerous is considered the toughest challenge for space explorers.

Before leaving, kabbooooom equipped almost all the ship’s modules with fuel tanks to cover a greater distance at the start. On the way, the player tracked the movement of aircraft carriers and fuel stations through the logbook and planned the route. Sometimes the fuel ran out, and the pilot waited weeks for the appearance of large ships in his system to refuel.

Despite such difficulties, kabbooooom achieved its goal. On the journey, he had to deviate from the route rather than head straight for Beagle Point. Because of this, the total distance covered by the pilot was 20,000 light-years longer. In addition, the player has opened 10 new worlds.

“Some said it was impossible and advised to surrender. Fortunately, I am stubborn, so I continued to go towards the goal. The journey took several months,  ”reports kabbooooom.

Elite: Dangerous was released in 2014 and is sold on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam, EGS). On May 19, the PC version of the game will receive a major addition, Odyssey. The addon will reach consoles this fall. 

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