Elon Musk cuts on Twitter employees Continues…

Elon Musk cuts on Twitter employees Continues…

Elon Musk’s ax is preparing to strike down on Twitter.

The billionaire has asked the managers of the company he chirps to draw up a list of employees to cut and do it quickly.

Twitter Developers jobs cut
Twitter Developers jobs cut

In fact, the objective is to launch a reduction plan by 1 November, the date by which the payment of premiums in securities representing a good portion of workers’ remuneration is scheduled.

Proceeding with the cuts before the deadline could therefore allow Musk to save big.

The extent of the reductions is not yet evident, while some rumours suggest a 30% weight loss cure in some areas. Tesla’s CEO has confirmed that they will not be on the order of 75% of the workforce, as previously reported. But the guarantees were insufficient to assuage the employees’ nerves, especially following Musk’s first steps, which included firing the managing director, Parag Agrawal, as soon as he took over.

Rumors abound at the company’s management, with many speculating that Musk may take control at least temporarily.

“Chief Twit is my title. I’m not sure who the CEO is “Tesla’s CEO chirped in response to those who asked how long he planned to remain CEO of the company.

While working on the command team and streamlining Twitter, Musk is relying on Tesla’s ‘allies’ to conduct a review and analyse any changes to the company he chirps about. According to speculations, some Tesla engineers have been entrusted with conducting interviews with Twitter engineers and analysing the company’s codes and products.

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Meanwhile, the millionaire continues to face criticism. Skepticism regarding him has grown because he identified himself as a “absolutist of free speech” and opened the door to reintroducing the excluded excellent, including Donald Trump, to the platform.

LeBron James has warned Musk about a potential surge of hate speech and racism on the site, which, according to the Washington Post, has already been there since Musk took charge.

“I don’t know Elon Musk, and it doesn’t matter that he owns Twitter. I’m still hoping he’ll take this trend seriously “, James remarked, referring to the use of the disparaging term “nigger” to describe African Americans. Musk reiterated that there will be no changes to the material.

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