Embark on an Epic Adventure: The Dragon Prince


Calling all fans of the Emmy-award-winning animated series, The Dragon Prince! Prepare to delve deeper into the fantastical world of Xadia with the upcoming release of Dragon Prince: Xadia, an action-packed RPG coming to mobile devices in July 2024. Developed in collaboration with Wonderstorm, the creative force behind the series, Dragon Prince: Xadia promises a captivating adventure brimming with familiar faces, exciting challenges, and thrilling co-op gameplay.

This comprehensive guide explores everything you need to know about Dragon Prince: Xadia, delving into its gameplay mechanics, character options, narrative aspects, and release details.

Embark on an Epic Adventure
Embark on an Epic Adventure

Journey Through Xadia: A Familiar World with New Stories

The Dragon Prince: Xadia faithfully recreates the enchanting world of Xadia, the setting of the animated series. Players will traverse vibrant landscapes, encounter iconic landmarks, and interact with beloved characters as they embark on a brand-new adventure.

Explore the Realms: Embark on a journey across the diverse realms of Xadia, from the sprawling human kingdoms to the mystical Moonshadow Elf forests. Each location boasts unique challenges, secrets to uncover, and opportunities to interact with the world’s inhabitants.

Unveiling New Stories: While encountering familiar faces like Callum, Rayla, and Ezran, Dragon Prince: Xadia also introduces new heroes with their compelling narratives. These original characters offer fresh perspectives on the world and expand your understanding of Xadia’s lore.

A World in Balance: The story unfolds amidst the ongoing conflict between humans and magical creatures. Players will have the chance to shape the narrative, forge alliances, and contribute to a more balanced future for Xadia.

Hack and Slash Your Way to Victory: Action-Packed RPG Gameplay

Dragon Prince: Xadia offers an engaging mix of action RPG elements, reminiscent of popular titles like Diablo and Hades.

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Thrilling Combat: Engage in exhilarating battles against a variety of foes, from monstrous creatures to cunning enemies. Master the unique combat style of your chosen hero, utilizing powerful attacks and strategic combos to overcome challenging encounters.

Diverse Hero Roster: Unleash the power of a diverse cast of heroes, including both familiar faces from the series and exciting new introductions. Each character possesses a unique set of skills and abilities, allowing players to tailor their approach to combat and exploration.

Dungeons and Challenges: Test your skills by venturing into perilous dungeons teeming with enemies and valuable loot. Face off against formidable bosses, requiring strategic planning and coordinated attacks to emerge victorious.

Cooperative Play: Team up with friends or fellow Dragon Prince fans for exciting co-op gameplay. Join forces with up to three players, strategize your tactics, and conquer challenging missions together.

Pre-Register Now and Prepare for Launch!

Dragon Prince: Xadia is slated for release on mobile devices in July 2024. The game will be available on both Google Play and the App Store. Pre-registration is now open, allowing eager players to receive notifications and potentially unlock exclusive rewards upon launch.

Netflix Subscription and Regional Availability: Currently, details regarding the potential subscription requirement for Netflix users remain unclear. Whether a Netflix subscription will be mandatory for access in certain regions like Russia also needs official confirmation.

Stay Tuned for Updates: Keep an eye on the official channels of The Dragon Prince and Wonderstorm for further details about the game’s launch, potential subscription requirements, and regional availability.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Dragon Prince: Xadia is an upcoming action RPG mobile game based on the Emmy-award-winning animated series, The Dragon Prince.
  • Developed in collaboration with Wonderstorm, the game offers a unique blend of familiar characters, new storylines, and action-packed RPG mechanics.
  • Players explore the fantastical world of Xadia, engage in thrilling combat, team up with friends in co-op mode, and delve into dungeons brimming with challenges.
  • The game is slated for release on mobile devices in July 2024, with pre-registration now available on Google Play and the App Store.


Q: When will Dragon Prince: Xadia be released?

A: The game is scheduled for release on mobile devices in July 2024.

Q: On which platforms will Dragon Prince: Xadia be available?

A: The game is confirmed for release on both Google Play and the App Store for iOS devices.

Q: Do I need a Netflix subscription to play Dragon Prince: Xadia?

A: Official confirmation regarding potential subscription requirements is still awaited.