Exeed TXL with new interior spotted for the first time in tests


Last updated on December 2nd, 2022 at 05:52 pm

The presentation of the car will take place next year

The Exeed TXL crossover with a new interior is already being tested in China, where it hit the paparazzi lens. It is reported that the presentation of the car will take place next year.

Original Exeed TXL and first restyling

It will resemble the layout of the cabin of the new AtlantiX. The central panel will house two screens with a diagonal of 12.3 inches in a single unit with a diagonal of 24.6 inches. Also, the car will receive a projection display and a two-spoke steering wheel. Also visible are air vents from AtlantiX, cup holders, a small gear selector.

Original Exeed TXL and first restylingOriginal Exeed TXL and first restyling

Externally, the updated Exeed TXL has not changed much, but the front and rear bumpers of a different color may indicate that it may eventually be replaced. The test car received large 245/50 R20 wheels. Presumably, the car will change the suspension or wheelbase.

The new Exeed TXL is codenamed M32TFL2, where FL indicates a facelift, and the number 2 indicates the second restyling. This version is equipped with a 2 liter engine and all-wheel drive.


Exeed TXL

The Exeed TXL is one of the first to get an 8-speed automatic transmission, which was custom-designed by Chery.

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