Experience Authentic Italian Dining Redefined by Culinary Maestro Matteo Re Depaolini at Four Seasons Beijing’s Mio


Discover a culinary journey unlike any other as Chef de Cuisine Matteo Re Depaolini brings his innovative flair to Mio, the Italian dining haven nestled within Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. With over a decade of expertise in luxury hotel service, Matteo seamlessly blends traditional Italian culinary artistry with contemporary creativity, promising a dining experience that transcends mere sustenance.

Meet Matteo Re Depaolini:

Hailing from the picturesque town of Legnano, Milan, Italy, Matteo embodies a refined and romantic sensibility that permeates his culinary creations. Drawing inspiration from everyday life encounters with fresh ingredients, and a myriad of cultural influences including literature and cinema, Matteo infuses each dish with a narrative that captivates the senses.

Culinary Maestro Matteo Re Depaolini
Culinary Maestro Matteo Re Depaolini

Culinary Journey and Expertise:

Embarking on his culinary odyssey at the age of 15, Matteo honed his skills at the esteemed E. Maggia cooking school before further refining his craft under the guidance of Michelin-starred Chef Davide Oldani in Milan. With an illustrious two-decade career dedicated to the study of dining culture, Matteo’s expertise extends beyond crafting authentic Italian flavors to encompass meticulous control over every aspect of the dining experience.

Innovative Culinary Vision:

Matteo’s culinary philosophy strikes a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation, marrying the comfort of familiarity with delightful surprises. From the northern to the southern regions of Italy, Matteo skillfully crafts Italian delicacies, infusing each dish with elegance and simplicity while employing unique cooking methods that elevate the dining experience.

Mio: A Culinary Haven:

Within the culinary realm of Mio, guests are treated to a diverse array of palate experiences, where each dish embodies the passion and dedication infused by Matteo and his team. Whether summoning the vibrancy of southern Italy or presenting the nuances of northern flavors, every meal at Mio promises to be an unforgettable journey through the heart of Italian cuisine.

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Matteo’s Culinary Leadership:

As the head chef at Mio, Matteo fosters a laid-back and opulent dining atmosphere, consistently nurturing a team that shares his commitment to culinary excellence. Through skillful guidance and a dedication to harmonious creation, Matteo empowers each member of his team to unleash their full potential, ensuring that every dish served reflects the essence of Italian tradition.

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