Falcongaze Launches New Securetower DLP System


Falcongaze has released a new version of the Securetower DLP system, designed to prevent information leakage, monitor staff and detect fraud.

The main theme of the update is the adaptation of the system to new tasks and loads. When companies faced the challenges of early 2020, it became clear that the direction was chosen correctly.


So, two new instant messengers – Microsoft Teams and Discord – were added to Securetower at once, the popularity of which in Google requests literally in a month grew by 70% and 50%, respectively.

The new version has significantly improved the control functionality of stored and moved files. Now the program calculates the hash sums of all indexed (intercepted) files using the MD5, SHA1, SHA2 algorithms. On them, you can find the necessary files in seconds among the millions intercepted. In addition to this, the ability to import a list of hash sums from external sources was added. This allows you to control files on any banks of hash sums received from regulators, which is especially important for the banking sector.

The functionality of Securetower regarding content blocking was also significantly improved. The new version has the ability to block documents sent for printing if they contain keywords and phrases specified in security policies. In the next builds, a blocking of copying the specified text and images to the clipboard will also appear. To strengthen the protection against unauthorized data transfer, additional attributes have appeared, by which the system will intercept emails and block sending files.

Much attention in the new version was paid to improving performance. Now Securetower can process much larger volumes of information on the same hardware and do it much faster. On individual operations, the system’s speed has grown tenfold, assure Falcongaze. RAM consumption has also decreased. Companies that work with a huge amount of data and for several years collect information from thousands of computers will not encounter problems with its processing, search and reporting. There was also an opportunity to prohibit the interception of keys and screenshots on specified web pages. For example, you can add the site of the bank to exceptions so that the system does not record personal logins and passwords of users.

In the module “Security Policies” added the ability to generate templates. They allow you to create and use large blocks of popular conditions in different rules, and if you change the template, then in all the rules where it was used, the changes will occur automatically, which is very convenient and significantly saves time.

With the update, the system has become more protected from emergency situations, such as power outages. If a failure occurs, the data in the write queue will not be lost and will be processed after power is restored. In addition, in the new version, many interface improvements in the form of restyling, new filters and additional information will facilitate interaction with the program.

“These are far from all the changes in update 6.4. Most of them are small, but in total they make the system more stable, productive and convenient. Work continues, and in future updates we will introduce even more tools, powerful and easy to use. We want companies to use the most effective means of protection against information leaks and see Securetower as a reliable shield for any business, ”said Andrei Barmuta , head of development at Falcongaze.


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