First PCIe 5.0 Custom SSD with 10GB/s Read Speed ​​Goes on Sale in Japan


2TB drive with fan cooler

Few have heard of CFD Gaming, but meanwhile, it began selling a high-speed solid-state drive with support for the PCIe 5.0 interface in Japan, and not only online – the device was found at a point of sale in the well-known Akihabara area (Tokyo).

CFD Gaming
CFD Gaming

In fact, the SSD was introduced back in October last year, and it was supposed to go on sale in November. But everything took a little longer. The device will have three memory options – 1, 2 and 4 TB. The middle model has appeared on sale in retail, and they are asking for $ 385 for it!

CFD Gaming
CFD Gaming

The price is decent, however, and the parameters are not average. So, sequential read and write speeds are 10 and 9.5 GB / s, respectively, random read performance is 1.5 million IOPS, and writes are 1.25 million IOPS.

The SSD is equipped with a cooling system with an active element – a fan. Reportedly, the cooling system is non-removable, and the manufacturer itself does not recommend installing the drive in poorly ventilated cases.

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