First PlayStation 5 Update Doesn’t Fix Marvel’s Spider-Man Remaster Issue


First PlayStation 5 Update Doesn’t Fix Marvel’s Spider-Man Remaster Issue

Over the last week, the network appeared on a lot of issues with PlayStation Messaging 5. Members talked about the errors that lead to the process of restoring a database, the shortcomings with the load, forcing the reset to factory settings, and critical failure when resuming from standby running remaster Marvel’s Spider-Man. And it looks like the recent PS5 system update didn’t fix all of the issues. At least the last of the above list remains relevant.

Playstation5 review
Playstation5 review

The patch for PlayStation 5 was released the other day and contained a short description traditional for Sony. It said that the update improves system performance. The Japanese platform holder did not mention any fixes. In the meantime, even James Stevenson, Community Relations Director at Insomniac Games, spoke about the problem with getting out of standby when the remaster of Marvel’s Spider-Man is running, which leads to a critical failure.

In response to Twitter user ahmad_aljallad, he wrote“I am great at using Quiet Mode on my PS5, but we will fix a bug that sometimes caused Quiescent Mode to crash in our games. Until then, I recommend that you finish your business in our projects before turning on the rest mode” It turns out that one of the problems remains relevant and it is not known how things are with the rest.

The launch of the PlayStation 5 in Russia will take place today, November 19. The price of the console is 36,976.28. for the version without an optical drive and 45,734.05. for the edition with a disk drive.



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