Perseverance and a little luck: a blogger found a way to “break” the remake of Demon’s Souls


Perseverance and a little luck: a blogger found a way to “break” the remake of Demon’s Souls

Youtuber ymfah, who specializes in so-called Souls games, in a new video on his channel demonstrated how with the help of one bug you can literally “break” a remake of Demon’s Souls. Watch out for spoilers in the video.

Demons souls
Demons souls

First of all, to implement the plan, the blogger needed the Blue Blood Sword – the only weapon in Demon’s Souls, the damage of which depends on the character’s “Luck” parameter.

Having made a blade (which is necessary for this, shown in the video) and pumping the characteristics to the required level, ymfah goes in search of a gold coin – a new item for the remake, which temporarily increases the “Luck” of the hero.

When the coveted coin is in the hands of the blogger, he returns to the central location and finds the Virgo in black there. If you talk to her while the “Luck” bonus is in effect, the corresponding parameter of the protagonist will skyrocket.

Having thus increased the damage done by the Sword of Blue Blood to unimaginable heights, ymfah can easily deal with any enemy in the game – even the final boss only needs one hit.

Earlier, the journalist of the Kotaku edition found out that a bug was not transferred to the remake of Demon’s Souls, which allowed, using simple manipulations, to generate hundreds of units of the same item.

The remake of Demon’s Souls was released on November 12 exclusively on PlayStation 5. Earlier, the creative director of SIE Worldwide Studios Gavin Moore admitted that the development team thought about adding a simplified model.



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