Fortnite’s Return to UK iOS: A New Law Levels the Playing Field


Fortnite fans in the UK rejoice! A recent shift in the digital landscape paves the way for the popular battle royale’s return to iOS devices. This article dives into the details surrounding Fortnite’s potential return, exploring the legal changes that made it possible and what it signifies for gamers in the UK.

Fortnite's Return to UK iOS
Fortnite’s Return to UK iOS

A Battle Lost, But Not the War: Fortnite’s Removal from the App Store

In 2020, a dispute between Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, and Apple resulted in the game’s removal from the iOS App Store. The crux of the issue stemmed from Epic’s attempt to implement a direct payment system within Fortnite, bypassing Apple’s in-app purchase system and its associated fees.

This move violated App Store guidelines, leading to the game’s removal. The ensuing legal battle highlighted concerns over the dominance of tech giants like Apple and their control over app distribution channels.

A New Dawn: The UK’s Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Act

The tide is turning for Epic Games in the UK. The recent passing of the Digital Markets, Competition, and Consumers Act (DMCC Act) by the UK Parliament introduces significant changes to the digital landscape. The act aims to:

  • Empower Consumers: Consumers gain greater control over their digital choices. The act aims to prevent companies from withholding information or limiting user options, fostering a more transparent and competitive app marketplace.
  • Balance the Power: The act grants the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) the power to intervene and influence the behavior of large companies. This can include encouraging changes to promote user choice and foster a more competitive market for digital services.
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The DMCC Act draws parallels to the EU’s Digital Markets Act, which recently compelled Apple to allow third-party app stores on iOS devices within the European Union. This legal precedent in the EU sets the stage for similar changes in the UK.

Fortnite and the Epic Games Store: A Potential Triumphant Return

Epic Games has already expressed its intentions to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the DMCC Act. The company’s official Fortnite Twitter account announced plans to bring the Epic Games Store (EGS) and Fortnite back to iOS devices in the UK, targeting a release “in the second half of 2025.”

This move signifies a potential paradigm shift in the UK’s app distribution landscape. Here are some implications of Fortnite’s return and the introduction of the EGS on iOS:

  • Increased User Choice: The presence of a competing app store allows iOS users in the UK the option to choose how they download and access games, potentially leading to more competitive pricing and services.
  • A More Open Market: The DMCC Act and the potential arrival of the EGS could pave the way for other developers to explore alternative app distribution channels within the UK, fostering a more diverse mobile gaming ecosystem.

While the full impact of these changes remains to be seen, one thing is certain: UK iOS users stand to benefit from increased competition and potentially greater choice when it comes to downloading and playing games.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Fortnite on iOS in the UK

The prospect of Fortnite’s return to iOS in the UK signifies a potential victory for Epic Games and consumers alike. The DMCC Act establishes a legal framework for a more balanced and open digital marketplace. This paves the way for competition and innovation, ultimately benefiting users with greater choice and potentially lower costs.

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While the second half of 2025 is still a ways off, this development injects a dose of optimism for UK iOS users who have been longing for Fortnite’s return. With the legal groundwork laid, the future looks bright for a more diverse and user-friendly mobile gaming landscape in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why was Fortnite removed from the App Store?

A: Fortnite was removed from the App Store in 2020 after Epic Games implemented a direct payment system within the game, violating Apple’s App Store guidelines.

Q: What is the Digital Markets, Competition, and Consumers Act (DMCC Act)?

A: The DMCC Act is a recent UK law that aims to promote competition and consumer choice in the digital marketplace. It empowers the CMA to intervene and influence the behavior of large tech companies to ensure a fair and balanced playing field.

Q: When is Fortnite expected to return to iOS devices in the UK?

A: Epic Games has announced plans to bring Fortnite and the Epic Games Store back to iOS in the UK “in the second half of 2025.”

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