Fujifilm Expands Instax Horizons: Introducing the WIDE 400 and Fresh Colors for mini LiPlay


Calling all instant photography enthusiasts! Fujifilm India has unveiled two exciting additions to its beloved Instax lineup – the brand new Instax WIDE 400 and a splash of color for the popular mini LiPlay hybrid camera.

This announcement marks a significant stride forward for Fujifilm’s commitment to instant photography. Let’s delve deeper into the features and functionalities of these innovative cameras.

Fujifilm Expands Instax Horizons
Fujifilm Expands Instax Horizons

Unveiling the Instax WIDE 400: Capture Wider Moments, Create Bigger Smiles

The Instax WIDE 400 is the latest evolution in Fujifilm’s wide-format instant camera series. As the successor to the Instax WIDE 300, this camera boasts several improvements designed to enhance the instant photography experience, particularly for capturing group shots and scenic landscapes.

Designed for Ease and Efficiency:

Fujifilm prioritizes user-friendliness with the Instax WIDE 400. This camera features a simple, intuitive design that allows users to capture stunning instant photos with minimal fuss. Simply turn it on, frame your shot, and press the shutter button to create lasting memories in a flash.

Capture More in Every Frame:

The WIDE 400 utilizes Instax WIDE film, which produces double-sized instant photos compared to the traditional Instax Mini format. This expanded canvas allows you to capture more in every frame, making it ideal for:

  • Group Photos: Gather your friends and family for unforgettable group shots. The wider frame ensures everyone fits in perfectly, eliminating the need for awkward cropping or multiple photos.
  • Landscapes: Capture the breathtaking beauty of nature in all its glory. The WIDE 400’s expansive format allows you to showcase vast landscapes and panoramic views with stunning detail.
  • Creative Compositions: Embrace your artistic side! The wider frame opens doors for creative compositions, allowing you to play with negative space and explore new photographic techniques.

Lever-Operated Self-Timer for Effortless Group Selfies:

Taking a group selfie with an instant camera can be a challenge. The Instax WIDE 400 solves this problem with a lever-operated self-timer. Simply set the timer, position yourselves in the frame, and let the camera do the rest. This eliminates the need for awkward arm extensions or blurry results.

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“Make Room for More” – Capturing the Bigger Picture:

Fujifilm’s tagline for the Instax WIDE 400, “Make room for more,” perfectly encapsulates its essence. This camera is designed to capture the bigger picture, allowing you to document life’s special moments with friends, family, and the world around you in a wider, more inclusive way.

Instax mini LiPlay Gets a Colorful Makeover!

In addition to the WIDE 400, Fujifilm is also introducing three exciting new color options for the popular Instax mini LiPlay hybrid camera:

  • Matcha Green: Embrace a touch of nature-inspired serenity with the calming Matcha Green hue.
  • Misty White: Opt for a timeless elegance with the classic Misty White color.
  • Deep Bronze: Add a touch of sophistication with the rich and luxurious Deep Bronze shade.

These new color options cater to diverse preferences and allow you to choose a mini LiPlay that reflects your unique style.

Availability and Pricing

The Instax WIDE 400 will be available for purchase starting June 23, 2024, in India through leading online platforms and offline stores, priced at ₹18,999. The new color variants of the Instax mini LiPlay (Matcha Green, Misty White, and Deep Bronze) will be available starting July 19, 2024, also priced at ₹18,999.

Fujifilm’s Commitment to Instant Photography: A Culture of Smiles

Fujifilm’s dedication to fostering a “Culture of Photography” is evident in its constant innovation within the instant photography space. The introduction of the Instax WIDE 400 and the new mini LiPlay color options underscores their commitment to providing users with user-friendly and stylish cameras that capture life’s special moments in a fun and instant way.

Conclusion: Capturing Memories, One Instant at a Time

Fujifilm’s latest additions to the Instax family offer exciting possibilities for instant photography enthusiasts. The Instax WIDE 400 empowers you to capture wider moments with exceptional ease, while the new color options for the mini LiPlay inject a touch of personality into your shots.

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Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting your instant photography journey, Fujifilm’s Instax cameras offer a unique and delightful way to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

FAQs :

Q: What is the difference between the Instax WIDE 400 and the Instax WIDE 300?

A: The Instax WIDE 400 builds upon the legacy of the WIDE 300 with several improvements. The most notable changes include:

  • Lever-operated self-timer: The WIDE 400 introduces a convenient self-timer for effortless group selfies.
  • Improved design: The WIDE 400 boasts a more user-friendly and intuitive design.
  • Potential for additional features: While official specifications haven’t been confirmed, some sources suggest the WIDE 400 might offer exposure control options absent in the WIDE 300.

Q: What type of film does the Instax WIDE 400 use?

A: The Instax WIDE 400 utilizes Instax WIDE film, which produces double-sized instant photos compared to the traditional Instax Mini format.

Q: Does the Instax WIDE 400 have a flash?

A: Yes, the Instax WIDE 400 comes equipped with a built-in flash for capturing photos in low-light conditions.

Q: Can I use the Instax WIDE 400 for close-up shots?

A: The Instax WIDE 400’s base functionality doesn’t support dedicated close-up photography. However, some retailers might offer accessory close-up lenses that can be attached to the camera for capturing close-up photos.

Q: What are the benefits of the new color options for the Instax mini LiPlay?

A: The new color options (Matcha Green, Misty White, and Deep Bronze) allow users to personalize their instant photography experience and choose a camera that reflects their unique style.

Q: Does the Instax mini LiPlay offer digital printing capabilities?

A: Yes, the Instax mini LiPlay is a hybrid camera that allows you to capture both digital and instant photos. You can preview your shots on the built-in LCD screen and choose to print them instantly or save them digitally on an SD card.