Fujifilm X100V camera overheats with continuous use


The manufacturer does not withdraw it due to coronavirus

According to a source, Fujifilm recently issued the Fujifilm X100V Continuous Use Notice. In this document, the manufacturer acknowledged that the mentioned APS-C format camera with a non-replaceable lens, introduced in early February , may overheat.

X100V camera
X100V camera

Fujifilm X100V camera overheats with continuous use

According to the manufacturer, overheating is possible when the X100V is used continuously (for example, during continuous video shooting) or when the camera is used in high temperature or direct sunlight. In this case, the user may feel that the handle is noticeably heated due to heat generation inside the camera. Heating does not impair the operation of the camera, but when a certain temperature is reached, the camera turns off. In this case, the user may feel discomfort.

When the camera temperature rises, a yellow warning icon is displayed. If the temperature continues to rise, a red warning icon appears. Soon after, the camera automatically turns off. In this situation, the manufacturer recommends allowing the camera to cool before further use.

According to new information, the manufacturer suspended sales, sending a corresponding order to sellers. Already made orders are not executed if the serial number of the camera in the warehouse at the outlet falls within the range specified by the manufacturer. It was decided not to withdraw the cameras already in the hands of consumers, since Fujifilm’s production and repair facilities were closed due to the virus crisis.



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