Galaxy S21 WhatsApp video issues


Galaxy S21 WhatsApp video issues: Samsung recently released the updated Android 12, the One Ui 4.0, for the equipment of the series Galaxy S21. However, that update seems to have come with some bugs, and one of them is affecting WhatsApp.

Several users are reporting that they see strange green bars appearing in videos shared via WhatsApp, and they usually appear along the horizontal or vertical edge of the video. The problem seems to occur randomly, and with a frequency that is not certain.

Users affected by this inconvenience are using the Samsung and Reddit forums to report the bizarre occurrence that seems more frequent on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. And shortly after this began to appear on Samsung’s equipment, users of Google Pixel 6 and some OnePlus smartphones began to report the same problem.

Troublesome WhatsApp videos on Galaxy S21

These green bars on shared videos may be associated with the fact that Android 12 compresses videos more aggressively, but at that point, the word gets out to the social network and to the producers involved.

The truth is that the latest Samsung firmware requires Galaxy S21 owners to update several Samsung apps if they want to continue using them. The changelog informs you that as soon as users apply the new firmware, they will also need to update various applications, including SmartThings, Samsung Members, Smart Switch, Samsung Internet, and Calculator.

This update comes with the November security patch, but as the December 2021 security patch is now available for some Samsung devices, it’s only a matter of time before the Galaxy S21 series gets it.

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