GeForce RTX 3060 is not that popular at all.


RTX 3060 is in the lead, but only by a small margin

Valve once again messed up something in its Steam statistics and now it had to fix it. 

Last month we said that the share of the RTX 3060 increased one and a half times over the month , reaching almost 10%, and this is a huge indicator of both growth and absolute numbers. Now another month has passed, and the share of the RTX 3060 has sharply dropped to 5.04%, falling below the September figure. This has already happened with Steam statistics, some attribute it to some kind of correction due to data from China, but now the RTX 3060 figure looks more plausible.  

GeForce RTX 3060
GeForce RTX 3060

GeForce RTX 3060 is not that popular at all.

At the same time, the share of the GTX 1650 increased by 1.13 percentage points, which is a lot. The card is installed on 4.76% of all Steam players. The third place with a share of 4.32% is occupied by the GTX 1060.  

In general, the performance of many adapters has been adjusted. For example, the share of the RTX 4060 decreased from 1.749% to 0.83%. 

Similar changes have occurred with processors. The sharp jump in Intel’s share a month ago apparently was some kind of mistake, so everything was corrected, and now Intel occupies 66.08%, and AMD has 33.88%.

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