Google Duo users can now share their screen during video calls


Google Duo users can now share their screen during video calls

The developers of the popular video chat Google Duo continue to develop the service, adding new useful features. This time, a tool has appeared in the application with which the user can share his screen with the interlocutor during a video call.

Google Duo
Google Duo

This means that users no longer need to launch a separate application and service to show the interlocutor what is happening on the screen of their smartphone. The new feature can come in handy for sharing videos or photos, studying documents, and more.

The appearance of a new feature in Google Duo became known at the end of last month when the corresponding announcement appeared on the developer’s Twitter account. “ Share new moments with your friends on Google Duo. Now you can use screen sharing to view photos and videos together, as well as schedule meetings during video calls, ”the developers wrote.

Then the developers quickly deleted this tweet, but a few days ago, the screen sharing feature began to spread among Duo users on Android devices. To start using it, just activate the Screen Share function during a conversation. After that, the application will display a notification about the possible disclosure of confidential information that may be displayed on the screen of your device. When you confirm to enable the feature, screen sharing is activated and a notification is displayed in the status bar.

Screen sharing has recently started to roll out, so it may not be available to all Google Duo users on Android right now.



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