Google is going to integrate its analogue ChatGPT into Assistant


It is not yet clear when

While ChatGPT and chatbots like it are gradually penetrating various areas of people’s lives, those artificial intelligence systems with which the majority interact most often and most actively remain unchanged. We are talking about voice assistants that are based on old AI technologies. But it looks like Google has decided to change that. 


Google is reportedly looking to integrate its state-of-the-art language model behind the Bard chatbot into Google Assistant. And work in this direction has already begun. 

Google is going to integrate its analogue ChatGPT into Assistant

The company is already reorganizing the teams working on Assistant, some of the specialists will be fired. 

As a team, we must focus on providing high quality and important products to our users. We also saw the huge potential of generative AI to transform people’s lives and a huge opportunity to explore what a supercharged assistant powered by the latest LLM language model would look like. Part of the team has already started working on it.

Initially, a new or updated Assistant should appear on smartphones, which is logical, since it is used there most often. At the same time, there is no data yet on when users will receive such a decision. 

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