Google Nest Wifi Router is the Mesh network router Browses at Top Speed


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:06 pm

Google Nest Wi-Fi is the Mesh network router of the Cupertino company: it allows you to surf at maximum speed even if away from the router. Price and features

Google Nest Wi-Fi also arrives in Italy: the second generation Wi-Fi Mesh system can be purchased by users directly on the Mountain View company’s store. It is the same model launched last year in the United States and which for the first time arrives in Italy with the Nest brand, purchased by Google for a few years now and which is slowly becoming a reference point in the world of home automation.

Google Nest Wifi Router

Google Nest Wi-Fi
Google Nest Wi-Fi

What is the peculiarity of Nest Wi-Fi? It is a router that uses Mesh network technology to ensure excellent connection speed in any part of the home, even if you are far from the modem and router. In addition, the Nest Wi-Fi has a dual function: in addition to being a router, it can also be used as a digital assistant. Inside, in fact, there are the components of the Nest Mini, Google’s low-cost smart speaker. Here are the features and the price of the Google Nest Wi-Fi.

How Google Nest Wi-Fi works

The Google Nest Wi-Fi is composed of a central router and many satellites that can be positioned in the various rooms of the house and connected to the main one via the Google Home app. In the basic package there is a router and a satellite and according to the Mountain View company estimates it is able to cover about 200 square meters, even on several levels.

Recall that the Google Nest Wi-Fi is a router and to work it must be connected to a modem, not being able to replace it in functions. Device configuration takes place in minutes using the Google Home app, available on the Play Store and App Store. Who is recommended to buy a device like Google Nest Wi-Fi? To those who have a house divided into several levels, in order to perfectly cover all the rooms and especially to those who have many smart home devices installed in the house. In fact, Mesh technology allows the network to function at its best and to always have the maximum available speed.

Google Nest Wi-Fi price

The Google Nest Wi-Fi is already available in Italy and can be purchased through the online store. The price for the bundle that includes the router and a satellite is € 259, while if you decide to purchase the router and the satellites individually, the price is € 159 and € 139. Recall that they can also be used as a smart speaker.

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