Google Photos Unleashes Magic on More Devices: Magic Editor Arrives on Samsung Phones


Calling all photo enthusiasts! Google Photos is shaking things up with the widespread rollout of its powerful editing tool, Magic Editor. Initially a Pixel-exclusive feature, Magic Editor is now blessing a wider range of Android devices, including Samsung phones, with its photo-editing magic. This democratization of editing power empowers users to transform their photos into masterpieces with just a few taps.

This article delves deeper into what Magic Editor offers, its arrival on Samsung phones and other devices, and how it can elevate your photo editing game.

Google Photos Unleashes Magic
Google Photos Unleashes Magic

Magic Editor: A Photo Editing Powerhouse at Your Fingertips

Magic Editor isn’t your average photo editing tool. It goes beyond basic cropping and filters, offering a suite of AI-powered features that allow you to manipulate, enhance, and personalize your photos like never before. Here’s a taste of what Magic Editor brings to the table:

  • Object Eraser: Say goodbye to unwanted photobombers or distracting elements. Magic Editor’s object eraser lets you seamlessly remove objects from your photos, with the AI cleverly filling in the background to maintain a natural look.
  • Resizing and Repositioning: Need to adjust the scale or placement of an object in your photo? Magic Editor allows for effortless resizing and repositioning, giving you complete control over the composition of your image.
  • Background Enhancements: Breathe new life into your photos with Magic Editor’s background suggestions. Choose from a variety of contextual presets like “Sky,” “Golden Hour,” and “Stylized” to instantly transform the mood and atmosphere of your image.
  • Precise Selection: Magic Editor provides you with multiple selection tools, including tap, circle, and brush, to pinpoint the exact area you want to edit. Additionally, a zoom-in function ensures you have pixel-perfect precision for detailed edits.

With Magic Editor’s intuitive interface and powerful AI capabilities, even novice photo editors can achieve professional-looking results.

Magic Expands: The Arrival on Samsung Phones and Beyond

Initially launched on the Pixel 8 series in October 2023, Magic Editor quickly garnered a loyal following. However, its exclusivity to Pixel devices left many photo enthusiasts wanting more. Thankfully, Google listened. In a move that democratizes photo editing, Google Photos rolled out a free version of Magic Editor to all users in mid-May 2024.

Here’s a breakdown of Magic Editor’s current availability:

  • Widely Available on Android: Reports suggest Magic Editor is now gracing a vast array of Android devices, including Samsung phones and potentially other Android phone manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Free with Limitations: The free version of Magic Editor allows for 10 library saves per month. This means you can edit and save 10 photos using Magic Editor’s features within a month.
  • Unlimited Edits for Pixel Users: Google rewards its Pixel users with the privilege of unlimited Magic Editor edits, a perk exclusive to Pixel devices.
  • Not Yet on iOS: As of now, Magic Editor remains unavailable on Google Photos for iOS devices. However, future updates might introduce it to the iPhone world.
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Important Note: To access Magic Editor on your Android device, ensure you have the latest version of Google Photos installed (version 6.85 or later).

Beyond Magic Editor: Free AI Tools in Google Photos

Magic Editor isn’t the only AI-powered goodie Google Photos has to offer. Here are some additional free AI tools that enhance your photo editing experience:

  • Category Tools: Google Photos automatically categorizes your photos, making them easier to find and manage.
  • Tools Tab: This tab houses a variety of editing tools for basic adjustments like cropping, rotating, and applying filters.
  • AI-powered Enhancements: Google Photos utilizes AI to offer automatic suggestions for various edits, including:
    • Magic Eraser: This popular tool lets you remove unwanted objects with ease.
    • Unblur: Restore clarity and sharpness to blurry photos.
    • Portrait Blur: Create a beautiful bokeh effect for a more professional look.
    • Portrait Light: Adjust the lighting on portraits for a more flattering look.
    • Suggestions: Google Photos intelligently suggests edits like Sky Suggestions (change the background sky) and Adjust (modify brightness, contrast, etc.) to further enhance your photos.
    • Color Pop: Make a specific color pop out for a visually striking image.
    • HDR Effect: Create a dramatic HDR effect for landscapes and other scenes with high dynamic range.

With this arsenal of free AI tools, Google Photos empowers you to transform your photos into stunning visuals, all within the app.


Q: Do I need a specific Samsung phone model to use Magic Editor?

A: As of now, there’s no official information regarding specific Samsung phone model compatibility with Magic Editor. However, reports suggest it’s widely available on a vast array of Samsung devices. The key factor is ensuring you have the latest version of Google Photos installed (version 6.85 or later).

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Q: What happens if I reach the 10-edit limit on the free version of Magic Editor?

A: If you use up your 10 free Magic Editor edits in a month, you have two options:

  1. Wait for the next month: Your free edit quota will reset at the beginning of the next month, allowing you to use Magic Editor on 10 more photos.
  2. Upgrade to Google One Premium: A Google One Premium subscription (2 TB storage plan) removes the monthly edit limit on Magic Editor. It also offers additional benefits like expanded cloud storage for your photos and videos. However, this option comes with a monthly subscription fee ($9.99 as of June 2024).

Q: Will Magic Editor ever be available on iOS devices?

A: Currently, Magic Editor is unavailable on Google Photos for iPhone and other iOS devices. However, Google doesn’t always reveal its development roadmap. There’s a possibility that future updates might introduce Magic Editor to the iOS world. It’s always best to stay updated with the latest Google Photos app versions for iOS to see if Magic Editor makes an appearance.

Q: Are there any alternative photo editing apps with similar features to Magic Editor?

A: The photo editing app landscape is constantly evolving. Several apps offer features that might resemble Magic Editor’s functionalities. Here are a few popular options to explore:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express: This free app provides a range of editing tools, including object removal and background editing options. However, some advanced features require an in-app purchase.
  • Snapseed: Another free app from Google, Snapseed offers a user-friendly interface and powerful editing tools for detailed adjustments. While it doesn’t have a direct equivalent to Magic Editor’s object removal and resizing features, it excels in other areas of photo editing.
  • AirBrush: This free app focuses on portrait editing, offering tools for blemish removal, skin smoothing, and teeth whitening. It doesn’t directly compete with Magic Editor’s functionalities, but it can be a valuable tool for enhancing portrait photos.