Google will make Chrome less annoying. Excessive requests and alerts will automatically “tame”


Automation will be introduced in Chrome 84 in the middle of summer

Earlier this year, Google began working on making Chrome’s requests and alerts less annoying. 


Google will make Chrome less annoying. Excessive requests and alerts will automatically “tame”

Then the version of Chrome 80 was launched with a new scheme for processing alerts and permission requests. A more “relaxed” interface was activated by default for users who usually blocked notifications, as well as on sites where users rarely agree to notifications. 

Now Google has announced the next step in this direction. She declared war on sites that abuse alerts and requests. In most cases, such alerts are simply annoying, but similar sites can also be misleading. For example, users may be forced to turn on alerts to see the content. Fake messengers and alerts can also be used to obtain permissions. 

Starting with Chrome 84, the browser will automatically minimize such excessive alerts. Sites that abuse alerts and requests will automatically translate into a “calm” interface, which began to be implemented at the beginning of the year. Users can also see warnings that the site is trying to trick them. Such warnings will appear in both the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome. 

Google plans to release Chrome 84 in a stable version on July 14, 2020.



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