Sony PlayStation 5 has serious problems. Xbox Series X compatibility with games of the past is impressive


The prefix is ​​compatible with four generations, will automatically improve old games, thousands of games at the start

Microsoft has released a comprehensive article clarifying questions about the compatibility of the Xbox Series X game console with games of past generations. 

Sony PlayStation 5
Sony PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5 has serious problems. Xbox Series X compatibility with games of the past is impressive

If Microsoft brings it all to life, then the PlayStation 5 has serious problems, since Sony has not yet reported anything so impressive. So far, the company has declared the only compatibility with the “majority of games” under PS4 but has not mentioned anything about earlier versions of the consoles. 

Xbox Series X Programming Director Jason Ronald talks about how backward compatibility will work on the Xbox Series X. 

According to him, the team pays great attention to providing the opportunity to play the best versions of games of all four Xbox generations while maintaining the relevance of gaming accessories and peripherals. From the first day of release, the Xbox Series X will be compatible with four generations and will be able to improve old games. The console will be available “thousands of games” at the time of launch. 

Ronald emphasized: 

To maximize compatibility on the Xbox Series X, major changes to the operating system and processor were required, as well as over 100,000 hours of testing games from previous generations. ”

Old games will get far more than just the ability to increase resolution. HDR reconstruction technology allows you to automatically add an extended dynamic range of support to older games without adversely affecting performance. This has become possible even with the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox. 

I also promised the possibility of introducing support for 120 fps. This is a double increase in frame rate. That is, games from 30 fps can be pumped up to 60 fps, and from 60 fps – up to 120 fps.



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