Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.48: New Cars, Features, and Exciting Additions


Gear up, racing enthusiasts! Gran Turismo 7 is getting a thrilling injection of new content with update 1.48, arriving on May 30th for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This update brings a fresh wave of iconic cars, challenging events, and a new feature for the beloved Scapes photo mode, ensuring there’s something for every driver to enjoy.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.48
Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.48

Five Legendary Cars Take the Wheel

The star attraction of update 1.48 is undoubtedly the addition of five remarkable vehicles, each with a rich history in the world of motorsport:

  • Honda Civic SiR・II (EG) ’93: This iconic Japanese hot hatch defined a generation of car enthusiasts with its spirited performance and customizable potential. Relive the glory days of street tuning with this classic.
  • Honda NSX GT500 ’00: Witness the pinnacle of Japanese GT racing technology with the arrival of the 2000 Honda NSX GT500. This track-focused beast embodies the pinnacle of performance engineering.
  • Nissan Skyline GTS-R (R31) ’87: A legend reborn! The Nissan Skyline GTS-R (R31) returns to Gran Turismo, offering a taste of pure 80s racing heritage and raw power.
  • Volvo 240 SE Estate ’93: Experience the essence of Swedish automotive engineering with the Volvo 240 SE Estate. This practical yet surprisingly sporty wagon adds a unique flavor to your Gran Turismo garage.
  • Volvo V40 T5 R-Design ’13: Marking a significant debut, the Volvo V40 T5 R-Design brings the renowned Swedish brand officially to Gran Turismo 7. This modern hot hatch injects a dose of contemporary performance.

These new additions cater to various racing styles and eras, allowing players to explore the rich tapestry of automotive history within Gran Turismo 7.

New World Circuit Events Put Your Skills to the Test

Update 1.48 doesn’t just offer new rides; it also throws down the gauntlet with a fresh set of World Circuit events:

  • Sunday European Cup 400 (Kyoto Driving Park – Yamagiwa): Take your European machinery to the scenic streets of Kyoto and battle it out in this 400 PP limited race.
  • FF Japanese Challenge 450 (Autoplis International Racing Course – Short Circuit): Unleash the potential of your front-wheel-drive machines on the tight and technical Autopolis Short Circuit in this 450 PP challenge.
  • FR Japanese Challenge 450 (Autodrome Lago Maggiore – West): Put your rear-wheel-drive skills to the test on the picturesque Italian backdrop of Autodrome Lago Maggiore in this 450 PP race.
  • World Touring Cars 800 (Circuit de Sainte-Croix – A): Push your limits in high-performance touring cars on the demanding Circuit de Sainte-Croix, a true test of driving finesse in this 800 PP event.

These diverse events allow players to hone their racing skills across various car classes and track layouts, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Enhance Your Photography with Scapes “Move Camera Up and Down II”

For those who love capturing the beauty of their cars in Gran Turismo 7’s stunning Scapes mode, update 1.48 introduces a new feature: “Move camera up and down II.” This allows for even more precise camera control, letting you achieve the perfect composition for your automotive masterpieces.

This seemingly minor addition empowers players to express their creativity with even greater freedom, resulting in breathtaking virtual photographs.

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Q: What are the five new cars included in update 1.48?

A: The new cars are: Honda Civic SiR・II (EG) ’93, Honda NSX GT500 ’00, Nissan Skyline GTS-R (R31) ’87, Volvo 240 SE Estate ’93, and Volvo V40 T5 R-Design ’13.

Q: What are the new World Circuit events in update 1.48?

A: The new events include: Sunday European Cup 400 (Kyoto Driving Park – Yamagiwa), FF Japanese Challenge 450 (Autoplis International Racing Course – Short Circuit), FR Japanese Challenge 450 (Autodrome Lago Maggiore – West), and World Touring Cars 800 (Circuit de Sainte-Croix – A).

Q: What does the “Move camera up and down II” feature do in Scapes mode?

A: This feature allows for finer control over the camera’s vertical position, enabling players to achieve more precise compositions for their virtual car photographs.

Q: Is Gran Turismo 7 update 1.48 free?

A: As Gran Turismo 7 is a live service game with ongoing updates, update 1.48 will likely be a free download for all players who own the base game.

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