Grouping “Gonets-M1” will provide subscribers with a satellite walkie-talkie

Not only telephone satellite communications will work, but also trunking – for groups of subscribers located in remote areas

Pavel Cherenkov, General Director of Gonets Satellite System JSC, said in an interview with TASS that the Gonets-M1 new generation group will provide its subscribers not only with full-fledged telephone satellite communications, but also with trunking. Telephone communications will operate using compact handset-type terminals, this service is in great demand and is expected on the market, Cherenkov noted. In addition, there will be a trunking connection for user groups.

Gonets Satellite System
Gonets Satellite System

Trunking communication implies the presence of a base station with a satellite channel, to which a group of subscribers located in a certain area is simultaneously connected. This will allow them to receive operational communication with each other due to one satellite line. Such a service is relevant, for example, for tourist groups or exploration teams operating outside the service areas of terrestrial networks. In simple terms, this service can be called a satellite walkie-talkie, Pavel Cherenkov explained.

He also added that the Messenger group will use multi-beam antennas and a new frequency range – higher and more capacious in terms of speeds and volumes of transmitted data, which will help to dramatically increase the system’s throughput. “Gonets” will provide uninterrupted coverage of the entire territory of Russia. It is planned that the constellation will include 28 vehicles in low Earth orbit. 

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