GTA 6 may be released on Nintendo Switch 2

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Last updated on October 28th, 2023 at 06:19 pm

The date has not yet been announced

The editor-in-chief of the gaming publication Universo Nintendo ‘Necro’ Felipe has published interesting information about the next generation Nintendo Switch gaming console.

Felipe stated that if the next console is confirmed to receive ray tracing support (RT+RR), we could see many more simultaneous video game releases across the three consoles and content parity with Xbox and PlayStation. He also mentioned that he has some information about projects that are being talked about behind the scenes.

He was asked if GTA 6 would be released for Switch 2, to which the short answer was “Yes.”

Nintendo Switch 2
Nintendo Switch 2

GTA 6 may be released on Nintendo Switch 2

IT Home listed previous rumors about the Switch 2. Various sources claim that the console should be released next year. According to preliminary information, it will receive an Nvidia Tegra T254 SoC, equipped with 8 Cortex-A78 CPU cores and an Ada Lovelace graphics processor supporting ray tracing and DLSS 3.1.

The 8-inch LCD screen will support 720p resolution, HDMI 2.1 at 24 Gbps, 10-bit HDR, and 4K/60fps output to an external display.

The set-top box should receive 128-bit LPDDR5 memory with a capacity of 12 GB and up to 512 GB of flash memory or an NVMe solid-state drive.

The battery will last for 3-6 hours, and the price will be $400.

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