Heidi Takes Flight: FlexiFly, a Game-Changer for Ski Enthusiasts


Calling all powder hounds and ski aficionados! Get ready to experience unparalleled flexibility in planning your next mountain escape with Heidi, the innovative ski holiday company. Heidi has just launched FlexiFly, a revolutionary feature that empowers skiers to tailor their air travel to their unique needs and preferences. This groundbreaking initiative promises to unlock a world of possibilities for skiers seeking the perfect winter getaway.

Heidi: Pioneering Flexibility in Ski Holidays

Following the recent introduction of its flexible payment options, Heidi’s launch of FlexiFly further solidifies its position as a leader in innovation and flexibility within the ski holiday market. This commitment to catering to the ever-evolving needs of skiers ensures a seamless and personalized experience for every winter adventure.

FlexiFly: Unmatched Freedom and Control

FlexiFly empowers skiers to design their dream ski holiday with unmatched control over their air travel. Here’s what sets FlexiFly apart:

Mix and Match Airlines: Gone are the days of being restricted to a single airline for your entire trip. With FlexiFly, you can choose different airlines for your outbound and return journeys. Imagine flying out with a full-service carrier like British Airways and returning on a budget-friendly option like EasyJet, allowing you to prioritize comfort or cost-effectiveness based on each leg of your journey.

Multi-Airport Options: FlexiFly offers the freedom to fly into and out of different airports. This is particularly beneficial for travelers with greater flexibility. For instance, you could fly into Barcelona on your outbound journey and choose a more convenient airport like Toulouse for your return flight, potentially saving time and streamlining your travel experience.

London Convenience: For travelers departing from or returning to London, FlexiFly provides an additional layer of convenience. You can now choose different airports for both your outbound and inbound flights, opening up a wider range of options for London-based skiers.

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FlexiFly: Unlocking Benefits for Every Skier

This innovative feature offers two key advantages for Heidi’s customers:

Increased Availability: FlexiFly opens a treasure trove of possibilities for travel dates and times. This caters to unique schedules, allowing you to plan getaways beyond the typical weekend trips. For instance, you could opt for a Thursday to Tuesday ski escape, a timeframe often unavailable with traditional flight bookings. Additionally, FlexiFly grants you more control over flight times, allowing you to choose earlier arrival times or later departures to maximize your time on the slopes.

Cost Savings: Leveraging the flexibility to fly with different airlines or utilize a variety of airports can lead to significant cost savings on your ski holiday. Heidi prioritizes displaying the most affordable options upfront, while still offering the option for traditional bookings if preferred. Statistics reveal that, on average, travelers save £100 on their ski holidays thanks to FlexiFly.

Heidi: A Story of Passion and Innovation

Founded in 2018 by the Blunt brothers, Marcus and Alexander, Heidi has experienced phenomenal growth. From an initial sales figure of £500,000, the company is projected to reach a staggering £38 million in its sixth year. This success story is a testament to the founders’ deep-rooted passion for skiing, a passion fueled by their Norwegian heritage. Their unwavering commitment lies in providing flexible and unforgettable mountain adventures for all.

A Passionate Leader: Marcus Blunt, co-founder of Heidi, expresses his enthusiasm for FlexiFly: “I’ve long desired to offer our customers the option to fly flexibly. I’m thrilled to launch this new feature, which will provide significantly greater availability and, in many cases, more affordable travel options for our customers.”

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Measurable Success: Statistics speak volumes about the impact of FlexiFly. Around 26% of Heidi’s ski holidays have become more affordable thanks to FlexiFly, with roughly a third of customers opting for this innovative solution due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Heidi: Transforming the Ski Holiday Market

Born from a desire to revolutionize the winter ski market, Heidi leverages the combined expertise of the Blunt brothers – their experience in the travel industry coupled with their technical knowledge – to create a platform offering thousands of flexible and affordable ski holiday options. Whether you’re a family seeking a beginner-friendly package or a group of friends yearning for an exciting mid-week getaway, Heidi caters to all preferences. The company also takes care of ski passes and equipment rentals, ensuring all aspects of your trip are covered under ATOL protection. This initiative exemplifies Heidi’s unwavering mission: to make mountain adventures more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


Q: How does FlexiFly enhance the skiing experience?

A: FlexiFly offers unparalleled flexibility in air travel arrangements, allowing skiers to customize their flights according to their preferences and schedules, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable skiing experience.

Q: Can customers save money with FlexiFly?

A: Yes, FlexiFly empowers customers to access cost-efficient travel options by choosing different airlines or airports, leading to significant savings on ski trips.

Q: Is FlexiFly available for both current and future ski seasons?

A: Yes, FlexiFly is designed to enhance the current ski season experience while also providing customers with the flexibility to plan for next year’s adventures, ensuring maximum convenience and affordability.