High demand for laptops will continue this quarter, processors will be in short supply


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 08:01 pm

High demand for laptops will continue this quarter, processors will be in short supply

Quarterly reporting conferences, representatives of Dell and HP Inc. did not hesitate to talk about the shortage of LCD panels and processors for inexpensive laptops. ASUSTeK Computer said that demand for gaming laptops will grow 40% in the third quarter. If Intel processors are scarce in the lower price segment, then AMD processors are in short supply in the higher segments.


As the resource Seeking Alpha explains, representatives of ASUSTeK Computer for the first time encountered a shortage of AMD mobile processors, which manifests itself in the middle and upper price segments. The shortage of Intel processors with a small number of cores, which are used in the so-called “Chromebooks”, are unanimous among representatives of ASUSTeK, Dell, Lenovo, and HP Inc. Intel’s management is already aware of this problem, and during the recent events for investors promised to eliminate the deficit in a short time, and even to regain some of the lost positions in the processor market precisely at the expense of the lower price segment.

In the third quarter, ASUSTeK expects a 30% increase in demand for personal computers. In the segment of gaming laptops, demand will grow by 40%, and Chromebooks purchased for educational purposes will add even more. Dell and HP Inc. explain that they are faced with a shortage of LCD panels in those standard sizes that are used in the lower price category. There are difficulties with the purchase of other related components.

NVIDIA recently announced that it expects gaming revenue to increase by 25% in the third quarter. The AMD management also expressed hope for stable demand in the third quarter at the reporting event. All of this suggests that fears of a downturn in the PC market in the third quarter will be unfounded. As representatives of Dell and HP Inc. explained, now every family member is trying to get a personal laptop, and this supports demand even in the later stages of self-isolation.

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