Hillary Clinton Jokes About “New Fondness for the Number 34” While Discussing Politics


The Environmental Media Association (EMA) Impact Summit concluded with a powerful and thought-provoking discussion led by Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State shared her insights on climate change, its impact on children, and her renewed interest in the number 34, a subtle reference to Donald Trump’s recent legal issues. Here’s a detailed look at the highlights from the summit.

Hillary Clinton Jokes
Hillary Clinton Jokes

Clinton’s Commentary on Climate Change and Children

A Focus on Youth and the Environment

Hillary Clinton joined Gloria Calderón Kellett, showrunner, and Anna Jane Joyner, founder of Good Energy, at the Pendry West Hollywood to discuss the intersection of climate change and children’s development. Through her Clinton Foundation’s Too Small to Fail program, Clinton emphasized the importance of incorporating climate awareness into Hollywood projects to reach a wider audience.

“There have been many commendable efforts to raise awareness about climate change,” Clinton noted. “However, the overwhelming information can leave people unsure about their role. We need stories that empower individuals with actionable steps, complementing the large-scale changes required at higher levels.”

Highlighting Natural Disasters and Future Impacts

Clinton pointed out the increasing frequency of natural disasters as a result of climate change. She underscored the economic impacts and the anticipated rise in climate migration. “Climate migration will dominate the next 25 years,” she predicted. “Insects moving to higher latitudes will lead to more diseases. Every climate issue has a greater impact on children.”

Clinton’s New Fondness for the Number 34

A Subtle Dig at Donald Trump

When asked what gives her hope in these challenging times, Clinton humorously responded, “I do have a new fondness for the number 34,” referencing the 34 felony counts against Donald Trump for falsifying business records. This light-hearted jab was met with applause and laughter from the audience.

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Resilience and Determination

Beyond the political quip, Clinton expressed admiration for the resilience and determination she observes in people. “Despite the challenges, people remain steadfast. We must hold on to that spirit and continue to strive for change.”

Panels and Discussions at the EMA Impact Summit

Youth-Powered Climate Justice

Shailene Woodley moderated a panel on youth-powered climate justice, emphasizing the crucial role young people play in driving environmental change. The panel discussed various initiatives and the importance of empowering the younger generation to take action.

Space Medicine and Environmental Storytelling

Lance Bass participated in a conversation about space medicine, highlighting its relevance to environmental sustainability. Meanwhile, Eli Roth and Issa López, showrunners of True Detective: Night Country, explored the incorporation of climate issues into genre storytelling. “Stories reflect who we are and plant the seeds for who we want to be,” López remarked. Roth added, “Addressing issues like fast fashion in horror films can make people question their habits in unexpected ways.”

Ted Danson’s Activism and New Podcast

Naked Lunch Podcast Live Recording

The day also featured a live recording of Phil Rosenthal and David Wild’s Naked Lunch podcast with guest Ted Danson. Danson, a longtime ocean advocate and Oceana board member, discussed his climate activism and the importance of celebrity voices in advocacy.

New Podcast with Woody Harrelson

Danson announced a new podcast with Woody Harrelson, titled “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” focusing on climate activism. He shared his experiences of being arrested with Jane Fonda during her Fire Drill Fridays, describing it as “the champagne of arrests.”

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Day One Highlights

The first day of the summit included notable speakers like Rainn Wilson, Ed Begley Jr., Richa Moorjani, and Natalie Morales. The event, presented by Toyota, featured a series of engaging panels and discussions on various environmental topics.