Holiday Inn Club Vacations Empowers Members with Launch of My Vacation Portal


Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated (HICV), a leading name in the vacation ownership industry, recently announced the launch of My Vacation Portal. This brand-new online platform is designed specifically for Club Members and owners, offering a centralized and user-friendly experience for managing their vacation ownership experience.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations
Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Putting Members First: A Focus on Customer Obsession

HICV prioritizes guest satisfaction, and the launch of My Vacation Portal reflects this commitment. “At Holiday Inn Club Vacations, customer obsession is one of our core growth strategies,” stated JP Hurtado, Chief Information Officer at HICV. He further elaborated, “We’re passionate not only about providing excellent service but also empowering guests to interact with our brand on their terms.”

Hurtado emphasized the collaborative development process behind My Vacation Portal. “We actively engaged our owners and Club Members throughout the development stages,” he explained. “This included gathering regular feedback, testing features, and incorporating their recommendations.” This member-centric approach ensures the portal caters to the current needs of owners and Club Members while anticipating future consumer preferences.

A Gateway to Convenience: Key Features of My Vacation Portal

My Vacation Portal offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the vacation ownership experience. Here’s a closer look at some of the key functionalities:

Seamless Access and Navigation

The portal boasts an optimized design that allows for seamless access and navigation on various devices. Whether using a web browser or a mobile device, Club Members and owners can easily access and manage their vacation ownership details.

Planning Your Dream Vacation: Multi-Location Search and Reservations

Planning your next getaway is easier than ever with My Vacation Portal’s multi-location search functionality. Search for available vacation destinations across HICV’s resort network, browse through detailed room photo galleries, and conveniently book your reservation directly through the portal.

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One-Stop Management: Centralized Platform for All Needs

My Vacation Portal acts as a one-stop shop for managing your vacation ownership experience. It serves as a centralized platform for both membership and Homeowners Association (HOA) management. This includes the ability to make HOA/maintenance fee payments effortlessly within the portal itself.

Flexibility and Control: Self-Service Options for Club Points

The portal empowers you to manage your Club Points effectively. You can utilize the self-service capabilities to transfer Club Points to IHG One Rewards Points, a loyalty program offered by the IHG Hotels & Resorts group. Additionally, the portal allows you to extend the validity of your Club Points, ensuring you get the most out of your vacation ownership membership.

Personalized Information Hub: Access to Key Details

My Vacation Portal offers a personalized information hub, providing easy access to essential details about your membership. This includes a comprehensive view of your upcoming stays, current and future payments, and any associated partnership details. For example, you can conveniently access your IHG One Rewards member number directly within the portal. Additionally, the portal displays your current Club Points balance and keeps you informed about exclusive Club Member offers you may be eligible for.

Evolving for the Future: Commitment to Continuous Improvement

My Vacation Portal is a significant step forward for Holiday Inn Club Vacations’ digital transformation. The company remains committed to continually updating and enhancing the platform, ensuring a constantly evolving and user-friendly experience for Club Members and owners.