Hollywood’s Hottest Gossip: The Man Who Stole Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend and More


Hollywood is never short on drama, intrigue, and scandal. This time, the spotlight shines on a series of captivating stories involving some of the biggest names in the industry. From a director’s memoir revealing past Hollywood romances to unexpected nudity at Cannes and controversies at exclusive clubs, there’s plenty to discuss. Let’s dive into the details of these riveting tales.

Hottest Gossip
Hottest Gossip

The Man Who Stole Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend

Dwight Little’s Memoir: Still Rolling

Director Dwight Little, renowned for his work on classic 80s and 90s films such as Marked for Death and Murder at 1600, has released a memoir titled Still Rolling. In this book, Little opens up about his colorful career and personal life, including the time he stole Brad Pitt’s fiancée, actress Jill Schoelen, back in 1989.

Hollywood Adventures

Little’s memoir isn’t just about romantic escapades. He recounts his adventures with Hollywood legends, from clashing with Mike Ovitz to navigating treacherous terrains in Thailand with Brandon Lee. His anecdotes provide a behind-the-scenes look at the film industry, making Still Rolling a must-read for cinema enthusiasts.

The Brad Pitt Connection

One of the most intriguing stories in Little’s memoir is his romance with Jill Schoelen, who was engaged to Brad Pitt at the time. While details are sparse, Little hints at a passionate courtship that led Schoelen to leave Pitt. For the full story, readers are encouraged to pick up a copy of Still Rolling.

Cannes Film Festival: Nudity Takes Center Stage

A Tradition of Boldness

The Cannes Film Festival has always been known for pushing boundaries, but this year, the level of onscreen nudity has reached new heights. French cinema, historically unafraid of exploring nudity, set a new standard with several films featuring prominent nude scenes.

Notable Performances

  • Demi Moore stars in The Substance, portraying an aging starlet who rejuvenates herself using a cell-replicating formula, transforming into Margaret Qualley. Both actresses appear nude in the film.
  • Emma Stone appears in Kinds of Kindness and Poor Things, the latter earning her an Oscar for her daring performance.
  • Diane Kruger bares all in David Cronenberg’s The Shrouds.
  • Nataly Rocha and Lucas Bravo contribute to the festival’s nude scene count in Motel Destino and The Balconettes, respectively.
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Actors’ Perspectives

Lucas Bravo, the co-star of Emily in Paris, shared his discomfort with onscreen nudity but felt it necessary to match his co-stars’ commitment. “There’s nothing I’m less comfortable with than being naked onscreen,” Bravo told THR. “But it’s only fair. If everybody in the movie is showing skin, I should show skin.”

Bill Maher’s New Friend Gets a Podcast

Matt Friend’s Rising Star

Mimic and comedian Matt Friend, known for his spot-on impressions, has launched a new podcast under Bill Maher’s Club Random network. Friend in High Places is set to blend traditional late-night show elements with modern sensibilities.

Format and Content

The podcast will feature a topical monologue, a 60-minute interview with a guest, and potentially some classic desk bits. Friend aims to showcase his comedic range beyond impressions, proving that Gen Z can indeed bring the laughs.

Industry Reception

Friend’s talent has already garnered praise from industry heavyweights like Howard Stern. With his new podcast, he aims to cement his place as a versatile comedian capable of entertaining a wide audience.

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