Honda Updates its Lineup for 2024: Price Hikes and Improved Safety Features


Honda India has ushered in the new financial year with a price revision across its entire product portfolio. While this might sting a bit for potential buyers looking for the best deals, there’s a silver lining. The price hike is accompanied by a significant safety upgrade for the Honda Elevate and Honda City, with both models now boasting six airbags as standard equipment. Let’s delve deeper into the details of the revised pricing and feature updates for each Honda model.

Honda Elevate Gets Pricier but Packs More Safety

The Honda Elevate, a popular compact SUV choice, sees the most significant price increase within the Honda lineup. The entry-level variant now starts at Rs 11.91 lakh (ex-showroom), a jump of Rs 33,000 compared to the previous price. The price climbs steadily across all variants, with the top-end ZX variant reaching Rs 16.43 lakh (ex-showroom). This price adjustment positions the Elevate as one of the most expensive entry-level options in the compact SUV segment, narrowly edging out the Skoda Kushaq.

Honda Updates its Lineup for 2024
Honda Updates its Lineup for 2024

However, the price hike isn’t without its benefits. The biggest safety upgrade for the Elevate is the inclusion of six airbags as standard equipment across all variants. Previously, this safety feature was only available on the top-of-the-line ZX trim. Additionally, all passengers in the Elevate will now benefit from seatbelt reminders, another crucial safety measure.

Beyond safety, the Elevate receives a few minor feature updates. The base variant now features a semi-digital instrument cluster with a 7-inch TFT display, enhancing driver information access. Additionally, all variants get front visors with vanity mirrors and lids, along with a revised design for the front AC vent knobs and auto climate control buttons, now sporting a sleek silver finish.

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A Closer Look at the Honda Elevate’s Revised Variant-wise Features and Prices

VariantNew Price (Ex-showroom)Old Price (Ex-showroom)Price Difference
SVRs 11.91 lakhRs 11.58 lakhRs 33,000
VRs 12.71 lakhRs 12.31 lakhRs 40,000
VXRs 14.10 lakhRs 13.71 lakhRs 40,000
ZXRs 15.41 lakhRs 15.10 lakhRs 31,000
V (CVT)Rs 13.71 lakhRs 13.41 lakhRs 30,000
VX (CVT)Rs 15.10 lakhRs 14.80 lakhRs 30,000
ZX (CVT)Rs 16.43 lakhRs 16.20 lakhRs 23,000

Honda City Sedan Receives Price Bump and Safety Enhancements

The Honda City, a perennial favorite in the Indian sedan market, also witnesses a price increase across its variants. The entry-level SV trim now starts at Rs 12.08 lakh (ex-showroom), reflecting a hike of Rs 37,000 compared to the previous price. The price increment continues through the higher trims, with the top-end ZX variant reaching Rs 15.10 lakh (ex-showroom).

Similar to the Elevate, the City benefits from a significant safety upgrade. All variants now come equipped with six airbags as standard, a feature previously limited to the VX trim and above. Additionally, all five seats now have seatbelt reminders, further bolstering passenger safety.

Honda City Hybrid Streamlines Variants and Prioritizes Safety

The Honda City Hybrid, the brand’s offering in the electrified vehicle segment, undergoes a slight revision in its variant availability. It appears that Honda may be discontinuing the entry-level V variant due to potentially low demand. Consequently, the City Hybrid is now only available in the top-end ZX trim, priced at Rs 20.55 lakh (ex-showroom), reflecting a modest increase of Rs 16,000.

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Despite the variant streamlining, the City Hybrid retains its core features and receives the same safety upgrade as its gasoline counterpart. All five seats now benefit from seatbelt reminders, ensuring passenger awareness and adherence to safety measures.

Honda Amaze Gets a Price Bump and Focuses on Safety

The Honda Amaze, a popular choice in the sub-compact sedan segment, experiences a price hike across its remaining variants. It seems Honda might be phasing out the base E variant, as it’s absent from the revised pricing list. The new starting price for the Amaze now stands at Rs 7.93 lakh (ex-showroom) for the S variant, representing an increase of Rs 11,000. Prices for the higher-end VX trim also witness a slight bump of Rs 9,000.

The Amaze, like other Honda models in this update, prioritizes safety with the inclusion of seatbelt reminders for all occupants across all variants. This crucial safety feature serves as a gentle nudge to ensure everyone in the car is buckled up before hitting the road.

A Look at the Revised Prices for the Honda Amaze

VariantNew Price (Ex-showroom)Old Price (Ex-showroom)Price Difference
SRs 7.93 lakhRs 7.84 lakhRs 11,000
VXRs 9.04 lakhRs 8.95 lakhRs 9,000
S (CVT)Rs 8.83 lakhRs 8.73 lakhRs 10,000
VX (CVT)Rs 9.86 lakhRs 9.77 lakhRs 9,000

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why did Honda raise the prices of its vehicles?

A: The reasons for the price hike could be attributed to various factors, including rising input costs, inflation, and potential upgrades in component quality.

Q: Which Honda models received the biggest price increase?

A: The Honda Elevate witnessed the most significant price hike across all variants, with the starting price increasing by Rs 33,000.

Q: What safety features have been added to the Honda Elevate and City?

A: Both the Elevate and City now come equipped with six airbags as standard equipment across all variants. Additionally, all seating positions now benefit from seatbelt reminders.

Q: Is Honda discontinuing the entry-level variants of the City Hybrid and Amaze?

A: While official confirmation is pending, the absence of the base variants in the revised pricing list suggests a potential discontinuation due to low demand.

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