Honor Router 3 – Honor’s first Wi-Fi 6+ router


Wi-Fi 6 is rapidly gaining popularity

Honor brand on its official page on the Weibo social network has published the first poster of Honor Router 3, which should be announced along with other smart innovations next week.

Honor Router 3 will be the first Honor router with Wi-Fi 6 support, it will be equipped with four antennas. The manufacturer claims that the signal reception will be stable even in a room with thick walls.

The Wi-Fi 6 standard is gaining popularity so quickly because its bandwidth is almost three times higher than Wi-Fi 5. In addition, it supports almost four times as many connected devices.

In this case, Wi-Fi 6 technology provides better power consumption. Power consumption is reduced by 30%, and the delay, which is critical not only in online games, is also significantly reduced.

The event, dedicated to the announcement of new Honor, will be held next Monday.



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