Hospitality Startups Take Center Stage at HITEC 2024’s E20X Competition


Calling all hospitality innovators! The Entrepreneur 20X (E20X) competition, hosted by the Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) at the renowned HITEC conference, is back for another year. This prestigious event offers a launchpad for budding hospitality startups to showcase their revolutionary ideas and solutions to a captivated audience of industry leaders and potential investors.

E20X: A Platform for Disruption and Innovation

E20X isn’t just about pitching a good concept; it’s about disrupting the hospitality landscape. The rigorously chosen participants, each with the potential to make a lasting impact, unveil their groundbreaking solutions that aim to:

HITEC 2024's E20X Competition
HITEC 2024’s E20X Competition

Streamline operations: From back-office efficiency to smooth front-of-house experiences, E20X startups tackle challenges across the entire hospitality spectrum.

Enhance guest experiences: Building personalized guest profiles leads to unforgettable stays, and E20X puts these innovations front and center.

Strengthen property-vendor relationships: Effective partnerships are crucial for any hospitality business, and E20X highlights technologies fostering stronger collaborations.

Frank Wolfe, CEO of HFTP, emphasizes the significance of E20X: “Participating in Entrepreneur 20X is not just about pitching a great idea—it’s about showcasing your ability to disrupt and redefine the hospitality industry.”

Gaining Visibility and Recognition at E20X

Established as the premier hospitality technology pitch competition for almost a decade, E20X offers startups a gateway to:

Industry Visibility and Credibility: E20X propels startups into the spotlight, garnering recognition and establishing credibility within the hospitality industry.

Networking Opportunities: The competition fosters valuable connections with fellow solution providers and influential industry figures.

Investor Attention: E20X attracts potential investors seeking the next big breakthrough in hospitality technology.

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The Competition Format:

Eight exceptional startups will battle it out for the top prize. Each will have four minutes to present their innovative concepts to a panel of esteemed judges with entrepreneurial expertise. A live HITEC audience will also witness these compelling presentations. Following each pitch, a dedicated Q&A session allows judges to delve deeper into the solutions.

The Coveted Awards:

Judges’ Choice Award: The winning startup receives a grand prize of $5,000, a significant recognition of their innovation.

People’s Choice Award: The audience plays a role too, voting for their favorite pitch through a real-time system.

Beyond the Competition:

E20X offers more than just the thrill of the competition. Here’s what participating startups gain:

Exhibition Space: Each startup receives a complimentary booth within the dedicated E20X Pavilion at the HITEC expo hall, allowing them to showcase their solutions to a wider audience.

Mentorship Program: Industry veterans provide valuable insights, expertise, and guidance to refine the startups’ pitches and equip them for future success.

The 2024 E20X Charlotte Cohort

Get ready to be impressed by the eight innovative startups vying for the top spot at E20X Charlotte:

  • Affixify
  • Away Together
  • BonApp
  • Crqlar
  • Direct
  • Folio
  • H2O Connected
  • Yippy

These startups represent the cutting edge of hospitality technology, and their solutions have the potential to revolutionize the industry.

HITEC: Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

E20X takes place within the larger framework of HITEC, the world’s largest and longest-running hospitality technology conference. HITEC attracts a global audience, bringing together:

Thousands of Attendees: Hospitality professionals eager to learn about the latest advancements in the industry.

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Hundreds of Solution Providers: Leading companies showcasing their innovative solutions.

Industry Experts: Top minds sharing their knowledge and insights on the future of hospitality.

What Attendees Gain at HITEC:

Attending HITEC provides invaluable opportunities for hospitality professionals:

Essential Education: Gain access to cutting-edge knowledge and industry best practices.

Networking with Experts: Connect with leading hospitality professionals and thought leaders.

Finding Cost-Effective Solutions: Discover innovative technologies that streamline operations and optimize business performance.

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