How to improve the quality and speed of remote connections in Teamviewer software


Last updated on July 26th, 2023 at 02:54 pm

Basic Teamviewer guide to optimize connections remotely, transfer files and improve video quality and connection speed

Over the years TeamViewer has become the most used program to manage the remote desktop, in particular when we need to connect remotely to a computer or to provide technical assistance to the computers of friends and relatives in difficulty, taking control of the cursor and the desktop with a few simple mouse clicks.

This professional program also works very well in its free version (limited for non-commercial use) but, if we notice some slowdowns or graphic defects during the projection of the remote screen, it is worth deepening the discussion with a complete guide on how to optimize the remote connections with TeamViewer and to make the best use of it; so you can easily manage any type of remote connection.

Log in with a registered TeamViewer account

When we open TeamViewer , another computer can be accessed by knowing its random ID and the password associated with the program. The ID is generated randomly and is visible by opening the interface of the TeamViewer program; this mode is made to make impromptu connections, not habitual. To have a list of computers to connect to remotely and not always having to enter passwords, it is worth creating a TeamViewer account. By accessing this account from all the computers to which you want to connect and leaving TeamViewer running in the background, you can connect remotely from any computer or phone even from the other part of the world.

To register an account, open TeamViewer, click on Computer & Contacts on the left side then press on Register. Once the account is registered, go to the Remote Control menu on the left and check the items Start TeamViewer when opening Windows and Allow easy access.

TeamViewerWe will be asked to confirm the access password so that we can immediately access the PC just configured on any other PC where we will access TeamViewer; we repeat all the steps shown in order to create your own facilitated remote access network.

The added computers will be shown on the Computers & Contacts screen, just log in with the credentials of our TeamViewer account.

If the PC we want to activate is not present in our office or in our house, we can take advantage of the Wake-on-LAN for remote switching on, as seen also in our guide How to turn on the PC remotely to work remotely.

How to optimize TeamViewer remote desktop

After logging into another computer via TeamViewer, we can see the remote desktop in full screen, so we can manage only that computer. Once connected, go to the TeamViewer toolbar, press up on View and then on Switch to full screen.

Depending on the resolution of the computer you are connected to, it may not appear with the right aspect ratio on the screen of the computer you are using. To avoid problems of different resolution you can choose to display the screen at a native resolution, to have the same resolution as the screen of the computer connected with the problem that, if this is higher than the computer you are using, you will have to scroll the screen to see the whole desktop.

We can optimize everything by standardizing the screen resolution of both machines; to do this, press again on the View menu and press on the 1: 1 item and act on the resolution by pressing on the Screen resolution item.

We choose the resolution based on our current monitor, so as to obtain maximum detail and definition.

How to reduce TeamViewer lag

When connecting remotely to a computer connected to the internet using TeamViewer, we can move the mouse over that computer as we would do in front of it, without delay. In case we notice the appearance of the so-called “lag”, ie a response delay, we can intervene on the quality settings, so as to obtain a greater fluidity with any connection.

Once the remote control window is open, press again on the View menu at the top, activate the items Optimize the speed and put a checkmark on the item Hide background.

If even these tricks don’t work, we can adjust the advanced quality settings by pressing in the lower right corner just under the heading Optimize quality, so as to open the advanced settings window.

To obtain unparalleled speed, activate Fast video streaming, remove the checkmark from Activate GUI animations and set the two upper slides until they coincide with the items Low and Maximum speed.

Transfer files between computers and record screen

You can transfer files from one machine to another with TeamViewer, even while connected to the remote desktop. To do this we open a remote desktop session, press File & Extra at the top then press Open file transfer.

The window that appears allows you to drag and drop files from one computer to another. It is also possible to transfer files without using the computer’s remote control, by selecting “file transfer” in the main interface instead of “connection with the partner”.

When you connect, you can browse files and folders on your desktop computer and move files by dragging them from one to the other. File transfer is faster in this mode, without connection in remote desktop.

If we are using TeamViewer to give technical support or to record a procedure for solving IT problems, you can easily record what you do on the remote computer from the File & Extra menu by pressing Start session recording.

The computer will ask where it can save the TeamViewer session video file which can be played at another time by clicking on it twice.

Access from smartphones and tablets

Among the functions of TeamViewer, there is also the possibility of being able to control one or more computers remotely from Android smartphones and tablets, as well as from iPhone and iPad. TeamViewer apps are optimized for use on a small screen of a desktop by moving the mouse with your finger on the screen.

If we are interested in controlling our computers remotely with smartphones and tablets, simply download the specific app from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.

Final Word

TeamViewer is undoubtedly the most comfortable and simple solution to control PCs remotely using an Internet connection. Thanks to it we can offer assistance to relatives and friends in difficulty from an IT point of view but also work from home in smart working, using it as a program to remotely access the PC or the corporate network.

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