How was the Travis Scott concert on Fortnite


Travis Scott’s first concert on Fortnite was a real event, with over 12 million spectators. Here are the other dates of the concert

It was supposed to be a big event, but most likely it turned into the concert of the year. To say are the numbers released by Epic Games: 12.3 million people followed live on Fortnite the virtual concert of Travis Scott. Numbers that rewrite the history of the videogame world and that demonstrate once again how much Fortnite is more than a videogame. For one night, the island that hosts millions of players every day has turned into a substantial virtual stage, capable of containing several fans never seen before.

And the show does not end here, because four more Travis Scott concerts are expected for the next hours and days, and users are already waiting to enter when the virtual gates are opened. The US rapper’s concert was a real show, as expected from the start. In addition to all the most famous songs, Travis Scott also sang the new single Astronomical which will be part of the album coming out in the coming months. Astronomical is the name of the event organized by Epic Games in recent days in honor of Travis Scott: a 360-degree commercial and marketing strategy.

Fortnite x Travis Scott, the numbers of a success

If it weren’t for Fortnite’s cartoon-style graphics, we could speak for all intents and purposes of a real concert. Compared to “real” concerts, however, Fornite offers much more freedom to singers, especially for the scenography and the effect shots. Travis Scott has been able to make the most of all the freedom granted by Epic Games and has created a real entertainment show, with a mammoth entrance, special effects, music and fun.

Travis Scott concert on Fortnite
Travis Scott concert on Fortnite

Travis Scott’s concert was much more than an event: it destroyed all the records recorded so far on Fortnite. If last year the DJ Marshmello concert reached 10.7 million users, Travis Scott surpassed it with 12.3 million, not to mention all the people who followed him through the direct on Twitch and YouTube. And it’s not over here: there are four more appointments from here to Sunday.

Travis Scott concert on Fortnite: timetables

After the premiere aired on Friday night at one o’clock, there are four more performances of Travis Scott’s show. Fortnite has chosen special times to allow everyone to participate in the event. Here are the day and time of the next four conceApril 24day, April 24 at 4:00 pm (waiting room opening 3:30 April 25rday April 25 at 06:00 (waiting room opening 05:April 25rday April 25 at 17:00 (waiting room opening at April 1 26nday April 26 at 00:00 (waiting room opens at 23:30).

In addition to the concert, there are also Travis Scott-themed challenges that allow you to get the skin of the American rapper. In the shop, however, skins emote, and other collectables have been added.



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