Huawei is creating an “inconspicuous” network of factories throughout China


Semiconductor factories

Huawei partially circumvents US sanctions with the support of Taiwanese companies.


Bloomberg reported that some Taiwanese companies are helping the Chinese giant set up semiconductor factories across the region. The source calls it an “invisible” network of factories.

Huawei is creating an “inconspicuous” network of factories throughout China

Companies such as L&K Eng., and Cica-Huntek Chemical help Huawei. Technology, the Chinese division of United Integrated Services Co., and others. It’s worth noting that TSMC doesn’t appear to be involved in this.

It is reported that the help of these companies was vital for Huawei in building the most advanced semiconductor factories in Taiwan. Huawei probably wants to do the same thing in China.

What will be produced at these factories and using what technical processes is still unknown. Let us recall that there is a version that the Chinese SMIC has not actually mastered the 7 nm process technology for producing SoC Kirin 9000s, but has only improved the 14 nm one.

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