Huawei P50 will be released only in August and will be the most exclusive flagship of the company. Not everyone can buy it


P50 premiere postponed again

The sanctions imposed by the US administration on Huawei have done their job. The company has completely depleted its stock of single-chip Kirin systems, so it was not possible to count on large volumes of Huawei P50 smartphones. But according to new data, this volume will be very scanty.

Huawei P50
Huawei P50

Huawei P50 will be released only in August and will be the most exclusive flagship of the company. Not everyone can buy it

Reportedly, a total of one million P50 series smartphones will be released – this is very, very little. Based on this, one can not even expect that the new flagships will be sold outside of China – domestic demand will quickly absorb all this volume, and will not even look at the absence of Google services. It is also noted that although formally there will be three models in the lineup, one or two will actually go on sale. In stores, Huawei’s most exclusive flagship (based on minuscule production) will arrive in August and will premiere in July. According to rumors, the announcement of the P50 was supposed to take place first in March, then it was said about May and a possible postponement to June, and now the new items are generally postponed until July. At the same time, it is unshakable that all models of the P50 line will run HarmonyOS.

The same OS will be used in the flagship tablet MatePad Pro 2, which is also actively preparing for release. Moreover, Huawei wants to spread the dates of their premiere: apparently, the MatePad Pro 2 will debut in June and will go on sale before the Huawei P50.

As for the May announcements, they will still take place, but without the P50 and MatePad Pro 2. So, next month, the premiere of the new FreeBuds 4 wireless headphones is expected, new devices in the PC category (that is, we are waiting for laptops and, possibly, desktops), as well as new smartwatches (including for children).

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