Hundreds of SpaceX employees were injured and one died due to Elon Musk’s ambitions to conquer space.


According to Reuters, the company neglected labor safety standards

SpaceX employees suffered more than 600 work-related injuries due to Elon Musk’s ambitions in his quest to fly to Mars and safety violations, as reported by Reuters, citing official data from US government agencies and information received from victims.

“The Reuters Investigative Reporting Unit found that Musk’s company flouted safety regulations at hazardous rocket and space facilities across the United States. The employees paid a high price for this. Based on interviews with them and government data, we have documented at least 600 work-related injuries suffered by SpaceX employees since 2014,” Reuters writes, saying that this is a known number of cases and the total number has not been disclosed.


Hundreds of SpaceX employees were injured and one died due to Elon Musk’s ambitions to conquer space.

In many cases, we are talking about serious injuries or even disability. Reuters has documented at least 600 previously unreported workplace injuries at Musk’s rocket company: broken limbs, amputations, electrocutions, head and eye injuries and one death. SpaceX employees say they are paying the price for the billionaire’s ambition to colonize space at a rapid pace.

More than a hundred people were cut, and about thirty suffered broken or dislocated bones or crushed limbs. All this was due to clutter in the workplace, lack of training, overwork, lack of safety precautions and haste.

As Reuters notes, SpaceX believes that employees themselves should be responsible for their own safety. But employees confirm that Elon Musk himself often neglects security requirements.

To speed up production and reduce costs, SpaceX has begun building rockets in tents on the unequipped Gulf Coast, according to the agency.

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