Hydrogen or clean electricity? The cheaper Toyota Mirai II will try to compete with the Tesla Model S in Europe


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:38 pm

Toyota has seriously reduced the cost of its hydrogen car in Europe

If the hydrogen car Toyota Mirai is now sold in Europe for 92700 dollars, then the new model – Toyota Mirai II – will be much more affordable: from 77300 dollars. The price cut is likely to boost interest in the car (the Mirai II powerplant converts hydrogen by electrochemical reaction into electricity) – Toyota hopes to increase demand by 10 times. Although this is hardly achievable, and here’s why.

Toyota Mirai II
Toyota Mirai II

Hydrogen or clean electricity? The cheaper Toyota Mirai II will try to compete with the Tesla Model S in Europe.

If you do not consider any subsidies, the Mirai II becomes cheaper than the same Model S (from 93000 dollars) by 12101 dollars. Still, at the same time, there are only about 100 “hydrogen filling” stations in the whole of Germany, while the stations which you can recharge an electric car – more than 33,000! Not to mention the fact that the electric car can be charged at home or in the garage. With a comparable range (Toyota claims 650 km on a single charge), it’s easy to imagine what users will prefer, based on banal convenience considerations. It makes no sense to compare the dynamic characteristics of the Mirai II and Tesla (generally any, not just the Model S): the Japanese car’s power plant is 174 hp.

And what about the cost of refueling? Even here, the hydrogen car lacks any clear advantages: the cost of a full refueling of the tanks placed under the floor will amount to 64 dollars. You can fill the tank of a car with a gasoline engine with almost 45 liters of fuel for the same money. In the case of a hybrid or a car with low gas mileage, mileage of the same 650 km will be provided. The cost of charging an electric vehicle based on the same mileage is approximately 42 dollars.

All in all, despite Toyota’s legendary reliability and all its environmental friendliness, the Mirai II is hardly a bargain. Toyota remains optimistic about its future, but the Mirai II, like its predecessor, is likely to be a niche car.

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