Hyundai Ioniq sales more than triple in US


Sales are constantly growing

Hyundai Motor America reported sales of 70,079 vehicles in the U.S. in November (up 10.7% year-over-year), marking its 16th consecutive month of growth. The brand has sold 726,031 vehicles this year, up more than 11% from a year ago.

Last month, sales of Hyundai’s all-electric vehicles, the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6, were 2,372 and 1,386 units respectively, for a total of 3,758 units. This is 216% more than last year. The share of electric vehicles in Hyundai’s total sales increased to 5.4%, up from 1.9% a year ago.

Hyundai Ioniq
Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai Ioniq sales more than triple in US

While other automakers are struggling with production and demand, leading many to question the near future of electric vehicles, Hyundai Motor Group’s sales are rising, as are Kia’s. In addition, the company is moving forward with big plans for battery and electric vehicles, more electric models and updated technologies.

More than 41,000 Hyundai Ioniq 5/Ioniq 6 have been sold in the US this year (up 96% from last year, even though the Ioniq 6 wasn’t available a year ago).

Kia previously reported record sales and began delivering the Kia EV9 in the United States.

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