IBM and Fujifilm Build 580TB Drive, More Than 1.2 Km of Magnetic Tape


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:40 pm

IBM and Fujifilm Build 580TB Drive, More Than 1.2 Km of Magnetic Tape

IBM and Fujifilm have demonstrated magnetic tape that can hold 580 TB of uncompressed data.

IBM Drive

Together, the two companies were able to set a world record – such a volume of memory on a magnetic tape was achieved for the first time. The density of the stored information on the media is 317 GB per square inch. To achieve this, the companies used strontium ferrite particles and reduced the recording tracks to 56.2 nanometers. Thanks to this, engineers were able to double the capacity without increasing the physical size. This also required the creation of a new type of reading/write head capable of detecting narrower tracks and moving with an accuracy of 3.2 nanometers. The length of such a tape is 1255 meters.

For a long time, the industry standard for magnetic tapes was the LTO-9 type (it can store up to 24TB of data). On the basis of such tape drives, Spectra Logic introduced the Spectra TFinity ExaScale storage in September 2019 with the ability to store exabytes of data. However, the new generation of LTO-12 drives will be able to store up to 192 TB of uncompressed data, and up to 480 TB of compressed data.

In April 2015, IBM and Fujifilm already demonstrated tape with a capacity of 220 TB of uncompressed data. Its memory density was 123 Gbps per square inch. It used a chemical base of barium ferrite. In December 2017, IBM and Sony were able to create a 330 TB tape with a length of 1,098 meters.

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