If you want to lose weight, what is better to eat fatty foods or sugary foods?

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For those in search of diets or want to take care of the line in view of the Christmas appointments with the table, we can give some advice. While taking advantage of some Christmas delicacies, one wonders what are the best foods to not overeat. Here then is the question: if you want to lose weight what is better to eat fatty foods or sugary foods?

Why the choice between fat and sugar?

The foods we usually consume are made up of various elements. There are proteins, vitamins, sugars, fats, etc. Simplifying we can say that proteins support muscles, vitamins help the defense system, and fats and sugars give energy. It is above all the latter two that come into play in diets. When a person wants to keep the figure he needs to control his intake of sugar and fat because they make you fat.

A wise choice

Fats and sugars occur naturally in different forms.

lose weight
lose weight

When we eat a steak, in addition to proteins, we enter a certain amount of fat into the body. When instead we consume a nice plate of risotto or pasta then our body will absorb a good amount of sugar. Not all the fats we eat and not all the sugars we consume can have benefits for the body. But certainly both fat and sugar have their usefulness.


In this period, a good piece of cake is a must. Even when you take coffee, it is usually sugared. This type of sugars is immediately absorbed by the body and immediately transformed into energy ready for use. If, on the other hand, you eat a plate of pasta, you will take in sugars but which will be absorbed by the body more slowly and available more continuously.

Excess sugar is a hotly debated topic in the West. On the other hand, it arouses less interest in other societies, which do not like the sweet taste very much. Pay attention to the consumption of refined and industrial sugars in particular.

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The fats

If we ate a chicken leg, a steak or some anchovies in oil we would surely ingest some fat. They are different fats that in general make their contribution to the well-being of the body. This is the case of Omega 3 fats, contained in large quantities in anchovies and in the fat of red meat. They are an important element for the health of the cardiovascular system.

In chicken, there are some so-called saturated fats, which are not good for health. But they are generally concentrated in the skin. So just remove it when you eat this dish.

Among the fats, there are the so-called trans or hydrogenated, as in margarine. They are bad fats straightened with hydrogen intake. They are not ideal for health.

If you want to lose weight, what is better to eat fatty foods or sugary foods?

After this necessary premise, let’s say that if you want to lose weight, in the sense of eating a little less, then the answer is simple. It is better to consume some fat instead of sugar. In fact, once taken, sugar causes the blood sugar to jump, which recalls insulin to regulate this excess. Insulin immediately lowers the presence of sugar, which results in a new sense of hunger.

Fat, on the other hand, takes much longer to digest and the sense of satiety present in the body does not require more food. In this respect, fats are to be preferred. Here is the answer to if you want to lose weight what is best to eat fatty foods or sugary foods.

Finally, it is good to remember that the way of cooking is also important for food safety.

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